All Terrorism Matters.

If you ignore….

Christian Terroism
Hindu Terroism
Buddist Terrorism
Jewish Terrorism
State Terrorism
Corporate Terroism
Drone Terroism
Police Terrorism
Economic Terrorism (Economic sanctions)
Media Terrorism (Western Propaganda)

….but you talk and worry about Islamic terrorism; then you are not anti-terrorism; you are just a mouth piece for an Imperialist Global Agenda.

Terrorism is the targeting of civilians with violence and intimidation to advance a political agenda.  

Every time the police brutalize, suppress, or kill Black folks it is to sustain an unjust economic and social Status Quo; that’s political violence, that’s Police and State Terrorism; that’s a Crimes against humanity!

So, if you ain’t calling out, exposing, and opposing all terrorism,
just the “terrorist” that the Western Media feeds to your brain; then
you are supporting the major terrorist while focusing on manufactured
and False flag terrorism.

That’s all, enjoy Tortured Toxic Bird Day.

(Oh, and one more thing, I don’t think it should be possible to commit
acts of terror against invading and occupying forces, that just don’t
make sense.  Can you terrorize someone who’s broke into your home to
steal your property and harm your family; that looks and sounds like
Self Defense to me, but that’s just me.)