How can the Pan African project be reconciled with the emergence of the new African and African American elite? In a capitalist system where money is the ultimate power, isn’t class at least as important, if not more important, than race for understanding the world? Isn’t this what the South African experience teaches us? After all, if you look at things like health statistics for the African elite, they are comparable to the elite in any Western country. Love to hear your take on this.

  1. Pan-Africanism is not a “project” it is a fundamental way of seeing, and engaging the world, it is an ideology and a way of being
  2. There is no African Elite, I’ll post my video on the “Black Elite” for you to view below.  Essentially, what we mistakenly call the African Elite are simply well compensated servants of the true Elites.  True Elites have their own independent economies, armies, industry, and agendas.  The so-called Black Elite have none of that, they just pave the way for the White/Asian Elites to exploit our resources and our people.
  3. Money is not the ultimate power under Capitalism, money is just a tool to control the masses.  The real power under Capitalism is control of the Means of Production; that is what the African masses must focus on, not simply accumulating paper.  We must also dismantle the institutions and infrastructure of Industrial Capitalism because it’s destroying the Life Sustaining Capacity of the planet.  African Communialism on the local level and Scientific Socialism on the national level are the ways forward for us as a people.
  4. We are not under Class oppression, we are under Racial Caste Oppression, so even when we get money we are still Oppressed and locked out of particular types of economic advancement.  Rich Blacks have greater Consumption Capacity than the Black Masses, but no more power or influence over the world than us.  They can’t start or end wars, they cannot erect or destroy nations, they cannot stop the Omnicidal Agendas of the White Elites; Rich Blacks have no real Power, aside from the “power” to entertain and influence fashion trends.  So we need to focus on Race/Caste over Class as Marcus Garvey instructed us to almost a century ago “Race First,” it took Dubois almost 50 years after Garvey to figure it out, but he eventually did to, check out his “Color-Line” quote.
  5. South African teaches us that Revolution requires the capture of the land, the expulsion of the invaders, and a truly Revolutionary Government to sustain the struggle.  SA had it’s Revolutionary Struggle subverted the same way Africans in America did in the 50s and 60s.  They assassinated and expelled the real Revolutionaries, and elevated Punks, Chumps, and Suckas to the leadership.  SA surrendered their Revolution for Integration.
  6. If you look at the health stats of poor rural Whites in the US, or poor Whites in Eastern Europe, or anywhere else they are abysmal.  From the era of Chattel Slavery and the House Nigger status, the Blacks who best and most loyally served Massa got perks and better treatment, but those House Niggers should never be the model or standard for the whole Race, or we will be lost and extinct as a people.  Africa’s health suffers because it is under Neo-Colonial Oppression, not because the Black masses lack paper currency. 
  7. We need liberation, cash can be a tool or hindrance to liberation depending on how we use it.  We have to deal with cash as we deal with any tool, as an instrument in our liberation, not as liberation unto itself.  Cash will not automatically free us any more than holding guns, it’s all in how we use these tools.