why do you whine like a little bitch?


Your tough talk kinda losses its bite when you are trolling behind the Anon dude.  

I don’t actually whine, it just sounds like whining cuz you lack the capacity for critical thinking and reflection; so any critical words and writings sound like whining to an entitled Racist like yourself.  

Why not move on to trolling White liberals, cuz you aren’t really going to get the kinda validation  or reaction your fragile White male ego needs over here.  I know your intent is to harass and offend, but it will not work.

I’m not offended by Racist, I don’t expect you to be any better than you are so you can’t upset, disappoint, or even provoke me with your Anonymous taunts.  

So click on to more fertile trolling grounds you WRIT (White Racist Internet Troll).

WRIT Score: 2: Very Poor.