Brother Diallo, I know you mention how not every white person is bad, but I think that all white people are the enemy. There are enough evil white people so that it puts every black person in mortal danger, even the bootlicking coons. As Public Enemy said, cant trust it.

Man, you bout to have me on the next Coon Train vid with these questions.  

When I said “all White peoples ain’t bad,” you have to put it in the context of the question that was being posed.  It was a question about individuals relating to other individuals.  Not culture vs culture, nation vs nation, race vs race.

Generally, the goodness or badness of any individual White person is totally irrelevant to our analysis of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, just as the goodness or badness of any individual Black person is.  

We know the sum total of their actions and their history are “bad,” and that their overall culture is Omnicidal.  Even White scholars, historians, and researchers have reach this conclusion.  Thom Hartman stated that Whites, in relationship to the environment and other Race have behaved much like a “virus, or cancer” on the Earth.  Derrick Jensen said that “Western Culture has a Death Urge.”  That’s just a more academic why of saying “Whitey is the Devil.”  

The Good Whites have yet to demonstrate that they are willing or able to oppose, reverse, or even slow down their West’s march toward Global Hegemony and eventual Global Ecosystems Collapse, so they are not a group we can bank on or depend whether or not we acknowledge their existence.  

Good Whites have never been able to mobilize among themselves to do good like the bad Whites have been able to mobilize among themselves to colonize the world, to commit genocide on every populated landmass on earth, to impose their Capitalist economic system on the world.

Also, all Whites, no matter if they good or not have derived benefit from the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, so they are not too keen on surrendering those benefits even if they admit that they came at the expense of millions of lives and other ongoing atrocities. 

So, in reality, Western Culture, Western Capitalism, Western Religions, Western Philosophy, Western Civilization is all bad; and the emergence of some decent, honest, humane White individuals doesn’t change that.  

So, the conclusions you’ve reached are rooted in Reason, and I won’t argue with you about them, I just think it’s more effective to have a Systemic analysis and solutions as opposed to one that targets individuals.  

If you tell our people that all Whites are the enemy, or that “all Whites are Devils” and they begin to encounter “good Whites” which they inevitably will, it will weaken their understanding and resolve.  

If you tell them that the Systems and Institutions of Western/White Domination are Omnicidal, Oppressive, and Unsustainable; they will have that understanding reinforced as they organize and research, and it will not be contradicted when they encounter Whites are are not full of hatred or actively engage in oppressing others.