What do you think is the difference between the confederate flag and the American flag? I know of black individuals who believe they are only american (not black american) and love what the stars and stripes rep but despise the confederate flag. Don’t they share the same ideology?

The only difference between the Confederate Flag and the USA Flag is that the Confederates used muskets and cannons to impose White Domination, and the USA Flag graduated to using nuclear submarines and drones.  That’s pretty much it.

The Confederates were anti-reformist, not Revolutionaries, the US wanted to reform their systems of mass enslavement and Black oppression, the South wanted to stick to agriculturally based chattel slavery, the wealthy Northerners, who sold enslaved Africans to the South, and financed the Southern Plantations, wanted to advance to industrial wage slavery; so as usual, the White Elites settled their dispute using the blood of the poor, indoctrinated White masses, like they always do.

The South was really outraged becase they were in debt to Wall Street, and the Wall Street controled government wanted them to “free the Slaves” that they just went into debt to Wall Street to buy.  The reason the Western Europe was able to abolish Slavery without so much bloodshed is because the fully compensated the Slave holders, not the Slaves tho.  But the greedy White Elites in the US would rather kill thousands then give up some fiat currency.

It’s kinda like GM lends billions to citizens to buy cars, then the governent bans the ownership of cars but still holds the drivers to the debt they owe GM, who lobbied the goverment to ban cars in the first place; you’d have another Civil War on your hands if that happened.

So the Civil War was between two groups of enslavers who had different methods of enslavement.