What are your thoughts on Ayn Rand and individualism from a Pan-African perspective? Why do you think so many white people believe in libertarian ideas and what does libertarianism mean to you from a Pan-African perspective?

Ayn Rand was a grade-A sociopath who managed to turn her sociopathy into an incoherent social theory and ideology.  

Individualsim is a toxic Western fiction.  The individual is a product of the collective, it is not apart from or superior to the collective; but individualism promotes that notion that the individual can be both separate and superior to the whole.  

Any person who practiced true individualism would perish in a short amount of time.  We are social beings, socially oriented and extremely socially depended physically and psychologically.  The individual is real and valuable, individualism is fiction and dysfunctional.

What individualism should actually be called is Parasitism; because individualist are little more than human social, economic, and psychological parasites.

The healthy individual knows that they are obligated to the collective, and they know the collective is obligated to them, and they seek to sustained the collective as they seek to manifest and cultivate their individuality.  It’s a healthy balance.

The Individuals, the Rand followers, the objectivist, they see the collective as tool, a source that they can draw from but have no obligation to feed back into.

There are many reasons Rand’s toxic teachings and libertarianism is so attractive many Whites, but the basic reason I’ve found is: ignorance.  These individuals are ignorant of history, they have a idealized version of White history being constructed by strong and independent individuals.  They think unworthy Races are now taking their rightfully earned wealth, and that social programs and welfare is all about taking the wealth that Whites have earned through hard work, sacrifice, and genetically inherited brilliance, and giving it over to lazy Blacks, Arabs, Latinos, Gays, Cripples, etc.  

I’ve yet to me a White Randian or Libertarian who has a through grasp of history or economics; also since their ideology is not based on reality or reason, you can’t really convince them that they are wrong.  Really, the average Libertarian is just a Republican who like to get high, and is too lazy to pretend to be moral like real Republicans.