Just imagine if every day the personal racism of a White celebrity was exposed; we’d have the Pan-African Revolution popping off within a week.

It’s sad when we are so responsive to periodic incidents of racialized violence and the exposure of a bigot who is in the public sphere; but seem to be unwilling/unable to see, or address the larger structures of oppression that are the real threat to our survival.

Since we were able to go back to sleep after the Jena 6 incident, Hurricane Katrina, the police subversion of the 1992 Gang Truce, and all the other major events that exposed the true nature of this system; I have no doubt that the majority of the people protesting the Aiyana Jones verdict, the Trayvon Martin murder, and Paula Deen’s outing, will return to their political slumber after the corporate media’s cameras are pointed in a new direction.

We really must stop responding to the “incidents of racism,” and begin to relentless attack and dismantle the institutions of Global White Domination.

I am all for boycotts, exposure of bigots, shaming the system (as if that were possible), and any other mass activities if they occur in a larger context of rebellion, and Revolution; they must become tactics and tools, not our only response to ongoing oppression. Such actions alone will not only fail to bring us any measurable amount of justice, they set us back in our drive to Liberation.