Chris Rock Has Never Told a Homophobic Joke….

Chris Rock
just did an interview with Terri Gross on NPR to promote his new movie “ Top Five.” (…/chris-rock-on-finding-the-line-between…)

In that interview Terri accused him of perpetuating Gay Stereotypes and potentially fueling anti-Gay sentiments by suggesting that Gay Sex is “gross or unnatural.”

Chris aggressively denied doing any such thing, and then proudly proclaimed “I’ve never told a Homophobic joke in my entire career.”

Now, I can’t say I’ve followed Rock’s movies and stand-up shows over the years very closely but I would have assumed that he told a Gay Joke or two over the years, especially in the early 90s, but nope, he’s never told a “Homophobic joke, or allowed a homophobic scene” in his movies.

Damn, that’s quite an accomplishment, but it made me wonder; “Why didn’t Chris Rock give the same sensitivity and consideration to the fucking Black community?

I swear, if I had a nickel every time a White Racist has quoted Chris Rock to me, I just had a White dude repeat to me the whole "Black people vs. Ni99ers,” concept Chris Rock popularized and perpetuated.

We all seen, and even laughed at that skit of Chris telling Black people “how not to get our asses beat by the police,” that shit was funny until I read that Police Departments all across the nation used it as a training video, no lie, and that shit is especially not funny now. I remember seeing one performance at the Apollo where Chris said that the “most Racist person in the world is a old Black man,” our elders were the one’s perpetuating the most Racism. Hahaah, right?

Up until now I assumed most people were fair game, except maybe the Jews.

I know Chris wouldn’t dream of doing a skit telling Jews “how not to get beaten up by Anti-Semites,” showing stereotypical Jews being beaten up by Skin Heads, naw that wouldn’t be funny, would it Chris?

I guess we’ll also never see such a video of “how not to get Gay Bashed,” telling Gays not to be too gay, too effeminate, not to snap their fingers too many times around heterosexuals, we won’t be seeing any of that from Chris.

I guess we’ll just have to be content to watch that one he did about Black men being beat by the cops, and it being their own fault over and over and over. (

I hope someone used the dub form Chris’ video and play it over actual police atrocities against our people.

I guess Chris’ shit was passable with when I though everyone was a potential target, but since he’s show the ability to be fully sensitive to other communities, demographics, and populations; the why the fuck we are such common targets from him?

Damn, I wanted to see Top Five, but naw, not no more.