If we are dismantling Global White Domination as you mentioned it so many times wouldn´t be that a dangerous path regarding the White Masses in the western hemisphere ? I know that the White Elites are the real perpetrators for all the mess and atrocities the commited in this world but I fear the White Masses more !

You got it totally backwards, the White Elites are much more a threat than the White Masses.

The White Elites don’t just employ and drive the White Masses they have African, Asian, Native American, Islander, and Europeans under their control and doing their bidding.  Hell, name a White person who’s put  in more work for the White Elites than Obama in the past few years.

So, the White Elites will use anyone to advance their agendas and sustain their power, White or non-White.

Also, the White Masses are not monolithic.  As their Systems of White Domination falls some will go on a rampage, some will retreat, some will even attempt join humanity in trying to build the Post-GWD world.  (I know I’m gonna get in trouble with the “Whitey is the Devil” crowd for suggesting the possibility of some Whites joining the rest of humanity, but there’s evidence to back me up.  So attack the evidence and call the evidence an Uncle Tom, not me. LoL!)

So, if you must fear any group, you should fear the White Elites.

Or better yet, don’t fear any of them, just organize and work to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of Capitalism and White Domination, and know that the consequences for allowing these Systems and Institutions to stand is far, far worse than what is to come after they are gone.