At some point we have to STOP making excuses for the people who killing and shooting up Chicago. As long as we fail to hold those who ARE actually pulling triggers responsible the foolishness and carnage will NEVER end. I say that those who continue to provide these people with “cover”, excuses and blind rationale for justifying their behavior are just as guilty…I get sick of the term “SELF-HATE”. If this were self-hate wouldn’t there be more suicide than murders?

People who lack respect for the Black community, or Africans in general always reduce Explanations, Analysis, and Context to Excuses.  It never fails.

If you look outside the Black community, you will find thousands of periodicals, Think Tanks, research grants, Not-for-Profits, and other formations that do nothing but identify, analyze, and articulate problems facing White society. 

Wherever there is a ongoing social problem, or a calamity like the Financial Collapse of 2008, or the 9/11 attacks; White intellectuals begin to look a the root causes, they start to publish, the government puts up millions of dollars to form commissions to dissect the issue, and then they publish volumes of text trying to understand what is going wrong and how the problem can be prevented in the future. (Even if the corrupt White Power Structure isn’t willing to put up the resources to solve the problem, best believe they are gonna study it to the bone.)

Right now the US military is dealing with an epidemic of suicides, and the ignorant White people who watch Fox News and live in trailer parks will say “suck it up and be a man!” and that’s why they are not in positions of White leadership.  The leaders and intellectuals are looking deeper, they are devising solutions, they are studying the soldiers and will work to address the problem from the root. 

In the Black community things work in the opposite way, the Blacks who have no power, who are not the “selected Black Leadership” tend to want to know “what’s really going on,” what’s at the root of the problems.  Our Selected Negro Leadership just say, “don’t make excuses!” They want to blame the victims, because taking full responsibility for shit we are not fully responsible for gets them a pat on the head from Massa.

So unless you think Black people are “natural born killers,” then you know there is a deeper problem, there are more factors at play that need to be exposed and understood. (This is a moot point because history has already show who the true Natural Born Killers really are.)

If you think I’m giving cover to our internal enemies, or to the damaged individuals who run amok in our communities, you have a serious problem with reading comprehension, and you have not spent much time in the Black community.  The Hood is opposed to these crooks and killers, we oppose them more than the US government or the local police who are actually empowering them…oh, but that’s making excuse in your book, right?

Well you are right, these Black criminals, just like these New Negro Leaders are getting cover, but not from the poor Black people they terrorize, not from the Pan-Africanist, not from the Black Revolutionist, but from the White people who’s interest they serve. 

I think you are sick of term SELF-HATE, instead of being sick of the conditions of self-hate because you suffer from self-hate and self-rejection.  That’s like being sick of the term CANCER, who gives a damn what terms you are sick of?

Oh, and one more thing, from an African context; when a Black person kills another Black person is it suicide.

(Please share your New Negro rants and views elsewhere in the future, Mr. Anonymous.  There’s nothing to be gained from you contacting me and me responding to you.  We speak two different languages.  There are many New Negro or White Right Wing forums for you to get validation for your tired Plantation Talk, don’t waste my time with it.)

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