Black Puritans…

Black Puritans / Toxic Black Nationalist / Afro-Sexist: be all like…

Black children impoverished, malnourished, & sexually abused all over the word = silence, no agenda, no outrage.

Rich Black (male) kids in dresses & wigs = genocide, rally point, call to arms.

Fuck these dudes; any of them raging about rich Black boys in dresses
but ain’t said or done shit about the suffering Black children in our
Hoods & across the globe.

They ain’t about justice or
liberation. They are just about hyping their base (of insecure, fragile
ego Black man) in order to sustain their own relevance (& income).

Most of these dudes don’t tend to their own children, live with their
children, remain with the mothers of their children, why don’t you Black
Puritans start there & then get back to me about the rich Black
kids in stupid outfits.