What is the unifying idea that unites and drives Africans across the globe?

The Europeans (and the Europeans diaspora) are united by the concept of White (Genetic, Moral, Intellectual, Aesthetic, and Historic) Superiority. It allows Europeans to unite around large scale, multi-generational agendas (like ruling the global economy, and domination the world by military force), even though they have strong internal ethnic, religious, and ideological differences.

The Asians (with the Chinese at the core) are united by the notion that they are at the center of the Universe, that history and culture starts with them; that the center of the world economy for much of human history was in Asia, and that White Domination is a brief, and declining anomaly. They see this as their century to reclaim the world. They were able to overcome tremendous obstacles to national unity, economic and military development by using commonly held historical and ideological concepts that unites them even though that have numerous internal divisions which are ethnic, ideological, historical, and political.

East Indians have adopted western industrial capitalism and oligarchical democracy, and fused it with their own indigenous culture such as the Caste system and the teachings in the Vedas to form their own regional economic and military power. Even though they are generally allied with the system of Global White Domination, they are quickly growing to match the power of their superior allies.

The Arab, North African Colonizing Arabs, Persians, and other (non-African) Adherents to Islam have taken Islam as a unify Nationalistic force across the globe. Before Islam and the Prophet Muhammad; Arabs and Persians were extremely divided, held very little territory, and many of them were nomadic warring tribes. After Islam was imposed and embrace by the Arabs/Persians, they embarked on building on of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. Today, Islam is providing its adherents with the inspiration to resist and even defeat the world’s largest and most genocidal army. We all know the internal divisions in the Islamic World because the US media likes to highlight it to further demonize such a stubborn enemy. (Note: African/Black Muslims are completely excluded from this assessment.)

Latin America is a land that has a dizzying mix of races, cultures, and class divisions; we like to lump them together as Latinos, Hispanics, or Illegals; but these titles have very little meaning. You have Europeans (the descendants of the Conquistadors), Natives of various ethnicity, East Indians, Asians, various mixed races who have formed their own ethnicities, and Africans (who are disposed, oppressed, and excluded from real positions of power, just like Africans ‘North of the Border’). Latin Americans have used Liberation theology, communism, and Leftist Guerrilla movements to lay the foundation for unification of their lands, and resistance to White Global Domination. They are ousting the IMF and World Bank, building their own internal economies, and building military forces to resist any further imperial exploration of their territory.

So, here’s my question:
What is the unifying idea that unites and drives Africans across the globe?

I’ve concluded that we’ve failed to build and sustain one. Every single time we were on the path of building such a unifying ideological concept our enemies seduced us to abandon the quest, or brutalized us until we surrendered the quest. If we fail to create an African-Centered, Pan-African Unifying Idea/Self-Concept; we are doomed. This is not hyperbole, we are under the most well organized and funded campaign of genocide the world has ever seen. No other nation has any use for the African, and we’ve failed to find use within ourselves; we too often mistake the need of our resources, or the exploration of our talents as need, or want for us from others, but it’s not.

Our Black organizations, and the (Colonizer defined) nations of African have failed us, and are more concerned with securing their little fiefdoms, than uniting us all and defeating our enemies. We must get it together, and jump in this race for global power and influence as a unified and organized people, NOW, Right NOW, or its over.

If you think I’m being racist, paranoid, or alarmist; you might as well delete me right now. Hell, I’m tempted to abandon this social media circus anyway. However, for the rest of the time that I’m here I’m going to be seriously organizing, raising funds, making connections, and sharing information with people who are interested in making history, transforming themselves, their communities, and the world.

I don’t have time for hatred, petty beefs and squabbles, or open ended debates about non-issues; just organizing, building, and expanding.

There are many of you who’ve reached out to me and I’m sorry for the delay in setting up the path for our formal connection, please inbox me and I will add you to a closed group for communication for organizing.

Those of you who’ve reached out to me, who’ve helped me, who’ve made connections for the purpose of progressing as allies, I appreciate you more than I can express.

Let’s continue to progress and intensify our efforts. Forward.