Profits & Parasites.

If some parasite is unable to make a profit off of people eating, then people starve, even where there is abundant food.

If some parasite is unable to make a profit off of housing people, then
people will be homeless, even when there is abundant housing.

some parasite is unable to make a profit off of treating disease, then
people will die, even when there is a cure available.  

If some parasite is unable to make a profit off of labor, then people
will be unemployed, even when there is much work to be done.

Profit is theft.
Capitalist are parasites.

You only agree with this system for 3 reasons:

1. You are a psychopathic muthafucka.
2. You are too indoctrinated to understand this System.
3. You don’t want to be starved, incarcerated, or killed by the
psychopaths and the indoctrinated for refusing to participate in this

The problem is, the hyper-exploitation inherent under
Capitalism is not limited to exploitation of the labor, and resources of
other humans; Capitalism is causing the destruction of the very life
sustaining capacity of the earth.

So, if you are #3, you need to organize with other ‪#‎3s‬ and fight like hell to defeat ‪#‎1s‬ and ‪#‎2s‬; because that’s they only way there will even be a world left for your decendants and other living creatures on earth.

Even if you don’t mind being a Human Resource, if you imagine that you
could one day become a #1, you should still fight Capitalism if you
still have a shred of humanity left in you.  

If you won’t fight
for your self, then fight for your children’s grandchildren, fight for
the fucking honeybee and the polar bear.  Fight for clean water, fresh
air, uncontaminated soil.  If there’s anything about this world you love
more than the disposable material goods this systems provides you, then
you should fucking organize and fight.  

If a parasite cannot
make a profit off of the world’s ecosystems, then the world’s ecosystems
will be destroyed, even though all of our lives depend on them!


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