The Good War.

The Allied Forces of WWII were not in a war to simply defeat the Nazis and the Axis Forces, it was a competition to decide who will carry forward White Global Domination. The Nazis wanted open White Domination, whereas the Allied Forces wanted to dominate through subterfuge.

WWII was not a war between two opposites, it was not a conflict between Good and Evil, it was a conflict in methodology, it was a struggle between two kindred systems to decide who’s method of domination would take prominence.

The Nazis may have lost WWII, but their fundamental ideology and goals are still with us, the ‘Aryan Supremacy over the Mud People’ paradigm still dominates the world today, economically and military.

The Allies did not fight the Nazis because they wanted prevent a racist regime from achieving Global White Domination, they fought them because they feared their open acknowledgement of their intent, and their rejection of subterfuge would threaten Global White Domination.

The Nazis would have never been brilliant/sinister enough to allow a Mandela to take the helm in South African, or an Obama to be elected in the US, but the current system of White Domination is much more effective and entrenched because they are willing to allow the non-Whites to do the dirty work, give lip-service to racial equality, and allow “Flag Independence” for non-White nations.

Operation Paperclip