It Ain’t Because We Black….

I would like make a simple proposal, it didn’t originate with me, but with the elder Dick Gregory.

Dick stated years ago not to put the negative of White Domination on ourselves or other victims of this system. He suggested that we put the blame on ourselves unconsciously, and subconsciously by making these type of statements in particular:

-“They did it because We Black.”
-“They killed her because she was Black,”
-“I didn’t get the job because I’m Black.”
-“He got all that time in jail because he’s Black.”
-“She wasn’t promoted because she’s Black.”

Or any other variations on the “….because we Black,” assertion.

These statements are incorrect, but not because there is no active and ongoing hostility and aggression against Black people from the White population; no, there’s no denying that there is.

They are incorrect due to the assertion that our Blackness is what provoked the injustices, discrimination, or aggressions against us. That view does not hold up historically, nor culturally.

If you look as the short but extremely brutal history of Western culture and Western Civilization you’ll see that, (again quoting Mr. Gregory) “everybody had to play the Ni99a at one point or another,” and when the Europeans lost one Ni99a, they would just appoint another group to be the Ni99a and continue their aggression against that group.

Before they even knew there was a place known as Africa, the Europeans had “Ni99a-fied” their women, their children, the infirm, the elderly, religious minorities, and any other European who was weaker and poorer then they.

They also Ni99a-fied all Europeans beyond their territories. Just look at how many Intra-European Wars have been fought, WWI and II were just the major modern wars, but they’ve been slaughtering each other since before the land was even titled Europe.

Another hint that their aggression against us ain’t really got shit to do with us is the number of Racial Slurs Europeans have for other Europeans. The Brits got slurs for the Germans, French, the Slavs, the Italian, the Irish, the Swedes, the Roma, and every other identifiable White nation and ethnicity on the European continent; and every other identifiable nation and ethnicity had slurs for every single other ethnicity and nation. Just look at any period movie like the The Godfather, and see how various groups of Whites have hatred, distrust, and committed violence against other groupings of Whites.

So if they are so damn Xenophobic and violent towards those who are so much like them, those who had culture so common to them, and shared the same mentality as them; how the hell did you expect them to react when they encountered people who looked, lived, viewed and interacted with the world in almost the polar opposite way they did?

So we need to know, and articulate that they ain’t killing, oppression, demonizing, hating, and all that other shit they keep doing because we Black, it is because they White!

So we need to begin to speak the truth, in order to understand the truth, and bring truth and justice to bare on reality.

So, form now on the wording should be:

-“They did it because they are White.”
-“They killed her because they are White.”
-“I didn’t get the job because the employer is White.”
-“He got all that jail time because the justice system is White.”
-“She wasn’t promoted because the evaluators were White.”

(Also understand that “White is as White does,” so even when they send one of their New Negros to do the dirty work, it’s still a White hand holding the strings, who indoctrinated that NN, or who will ultimately benefit from the actions of that NN. So when we see NNs doing NN things we need to state: “He’s behaving that way, or saying those things because his controllers/God/Masters is/are White.”)

We Black folks do have issues, and much we need to account for, but there’s no reason to put blame on us, or our Blackness that is not the fault or responsibility of our Blackness.

I know this slight shift in speaking and thinking will be hard for most because; for the past 500+ years we’ve been fed a steady diet of propaganda telling us that this shit was somehow our fault, that our Blackness, our disunity, our departure from God, etc. brought us to this state of oppression.
Then we were indoctrinated to never hold our true enemies to account, but to find ways to blame each other, and see each other as our “own worst enemies,” but for every single African mind that is awakened, the African collective becomes that much stronger; so it’s worth the effort to change the way we speak about racist aggression, across the African World.