What do you say to people who accuse Africans of enslaving each other first and instigating tribal wars amongst each other prior to European colonization? Or is that all a myth perpetuated by european history texts?

If enslaving and fighting among your own people justified, or excused others enslaving, colonizing, and committing genocide against you then the Europeans would be them most worthy of enslavement, colonization, and genocide because White-on-White enslavement and violence cannot be approached by any other Race.  Even before they invented modern industrial enslavement, or fought two, not one, but two World Wars and killed each others by the multimillions they were in almost perpetual war, and 90 percent or more of Euros were Serf or Peasants….i.e. Slaves. 

So I’d tell any White person Check your shit, and don’t worry about ours.

If a New Negro wanted to bring that shit up about Africans enslaving each other, I would tell them that Africans never had a Slave Economy or Trade prior Greek, Roman, Arab, European invasions.  That so-called African slavery was a White projection, and misunderstanding of African culture, a culture that was too developed and humane for them to comprehend, so they just called shit Slavery that was not, because they had no words or concepts within their own culture to explain what they encountered, and they were too arrogant and savage to be educated on what it meant to be African.  That came for conquest and destruction, period.

I would just ask that New Negro; “what did the Africans do with their cut of the wealth generated from the African Slave Trade?"  Because our current struggle is about securing justice, and we can’t go back and hang those who committed those atrocities, so we must secure the wealth and resources that are still with us in order to answer for those atrocities.  We see where the wealth is in Europe, in the Americas, in the Arab world; but where’s African’s?  How did African profit from the Slave Trade if our ancestors were partners in the historical crime?

I’d also tell say to them: Yes, some Africans cooperated with our enemies, and betrayed our people, yes, some Africans put their own individual interest above the interest of the African collective, yes, there were evil and cowardly Africans who would work with and for the enemies of African people instead of opposing the injustices.  I’d tell them that there are still Africans with us today who are doing the same, and I’d ask what kinda African are you? Are you like those who submitted and cooperate with atrocities, or like those that opposed them?  I’d asked them how our future descendants would remember them, will they also be the ones who "sold us,” or who fought for us.

I’ve come to observe that the New Negros who love to talk the “we sold each other,” talk share the same mentality as those they love to highlight and focus on.  Just as we who identify and call upon our great African freedom fighters, and resistance movements also embody those we most reflect on.

Ultimtely, that we sold each other shit is inflated, and in no way excuses or reduces the crimes of the Euros and Arabs committed against us, and what they owe us.

Also, that per-colonial/pre-invasion slavery BS is mythology, Slaves didn’t build the damn pyramids and African was not a Slave based culture or economy like Europe.