Brother Diallo, I know you don’t like the wealthy elite, but let’s say you were a part of that class and you suddenly became woke what would you do with all your billions? Speaking of getting woke why do you think the wealthy black and African elite are not woke?


If I woke up with a billions of dollars; first thing I’d do is buy that pair of Vegan faux leather boots my wife been lusting after for like a year now, and a used XboX One with a used copy of Gears of War 4 for me and my sons then…

Basically, I do what I’ve been doing on a bigger scale at an accelerated pace. I’d work towards Black Power as I struggle to dismantle the Systems and Institutional of Global White and Emerging Sino Domination.  

I’d begin to fund the development of Black Economic & Cultural Enclaves in Black population centers across the US.  Those would be focused on providing ecological and local products and services to the local community.  I’d identify existing organizations and organizers to head up these initiatives they would work along with the scholars from the Think Tank I’d fund to research and develop empowerment agendas.  Local, regional, national, and global empowerment agendas.  Everything would be based on scientific research and radical analysis.  This would be the model for all other nations that have oppressed Black populations like Brazil, the UK, etc.

Then I’d turn my attention to Haiti.  I would work the make Haiti the official World Capital of the Global African Diaspora.  I would first focus on employing Haitians to rebuild Haiti’s ecology; reforestation projects, ecological and bio-mimicking infrastructure and architecture.  I’d work to bring technical and social scientist from Africa and the rest of the Diaspora to Haiti; and we’d work to make Haiti a regional economic and military force while purging the neo-colonial and oligarchical forces that help the West to suppress Haiti’s development.  Haiti would be the model we’d employ for all other Black nations of the African Diaspora like Jamaica, Guyana, etc. 

Then I’d reach out and unite with Pan-Africanist forces on the continent of African.  I would demonstrate to our Brothers and Sisters in Africa how the Diaspora is ready to support the continent in finally defeating the colonial forces, and the neo-colonial forces.  I’d again pick a particular African nation as the model or blueprint for other nations.  I think the “giants of Africa,” the Nigerians would be most ideal, but South Africa, Ghana, or Kenya also have the infrastructure, population density, and Revolutionary potential to serve as the capital state of a unified African Continent.  Again, we’d work to employ Nigeria’s citizens in the massive task of repairing and building up the nation’s ecology and ecosystems. Building a modern, technologically advanced, and ecological infrastructure.  Then we’d move on to using Nigeria’s vast resources to meeting the needs of Africans and the African Diaspora while cutting those resources off to the Imperialist and Capitalist forces of the West and the Far East.  

I know there are a shit load of specifics and details left out here, but that’s the basic over view.  

Such an agenda would be perceived as an act of war by many corporate and national interest across the globe so this entire agenda would have to be militant and oppositional.  We would have to be prepared for aggressive subversion tactics from the West and the Far East, but we’d have the resources, intelligence, skills, and inspiration to take on our historical and current enemies; cuz there would be a strong ongoing educational and cultural component to the economic and political movements. 

The reason the Negro Elites are woke, or at the very least very aware; the know better than the masses about the injustices, oppression, genocide, and ecocide being imposed on the world by Capitalism and White Domination, but they use that awareness to profit from instead of oppose the White Elites because they are traitors.  It’s that simply.  The Negro Elites (in African and abroad) are willing to undermine our collective liberation for personal riches.  We make a grave error when we think Negros Elites are dumber or less aware of the state of the world and the state of the Black population then we poor Radical Blacks are.