I know that most of the world’s people are still religious and spiritual. But why you think black people considering the collective history of slavery and oppression have such a hard time breaking free from religious/spiritual faith or thinking? I think all black folk should just become atheist. I’ve also been told that atheism is white people shit, by some black folk, but to me it’s not coming from that place. Faith has let me and my people down. Can’t be no God.

Black people, across the world are highly religious because, almost universally; as people lose agency (power, influence, access, control) over the material world they become very vulnerable to those who sell them agency in the ethereal world, or the afterlife.

If you look at the First World the church is usually weak and more and more people identify as Atheist or Secular.  Just the opposite occurs in the Third World and colonized nations, they are becoming not only more religious but more fundamentalist. 

Europe, before raiding the world, enslaving the world, and stealing the worlds resources, it was buried in religious delusion and conflict much like African, parts of Asia, and the African Diaspora is today.

We will get only a few of our people to abandon Alien Gods and Dogmas though education, reasoning, and engagement; the masses will only abandon those Slave and Colonial Gods under the same conditions that they came to those Gods; through massive and ongoing social and cultural transformation. 

We came to Alien Gods through the conquest and disruption of our culture and societies, we will abandon those Alien Gods through the reestablishment and strengthening of our culture and societies.

Atheism is call a “White thing,” because Whites, as in all thinks tend to be Crusaders.  They are Crusaders when they embrace a religion, they are Crusaders when they reject religion.  They have been the more vocal Atheist, they organize Atheist organizations, they attempt to aggressively spread their Atheism just like their Racekin spread their Toxic Religions.  Most Blacks famous Blacks and Blacks in general didn’t announce or parade their Atheism like White do, but there are many prominent Black Atheist from the past and present.

We should also note that many Black Atheist are #NewNegros and commune with White Humanist and Free Thinkers as they shun and belittle the Black community, so most Blacks that have encountered Black Atheist then to meet these sell-out Black Atheist.  I attended a Black Atheist meeting and some of them were outraged that I would bring up issues of Pan-Africansim, Racism, Black Empowerment, and Global White Domination in a Black Free Thinkers meeting.  They just wanted to sit around and mock Black people who were Religions instead of using rationality and secularism to expand the Pan-African struggle.  I don’t think and Black person who dosen’t dwell among Black people and take up the struggle of our people have any right to criticize our people for being religious or any other reason.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that many of our people think Atheism is a White Thing, we most often can’t blame them, and we have our work cut out for us to show them that it is not and never was.  There have been Atheist as long as there have been Gods around to believing in and since the first creators of Gods were Black the first Atheist, the first people to call bullshit had to be Blacks too.

Look up Carlos Cooks, he took over the UNIA after Garvey’s forced departure, he was a great Black Nationalist and a professed Atheist, and Garvey (a Christian) fully supported him even as others wanted him ousted due to his Atheism.

One more thing; this “Spiritual Awakening” taking please in the Black community where we have our people saying that they are “Spiritual, not Religious,” is also a problem because they are using Spirituality in the same way our people used Religion; as a means of escape, self-delusion, and an excuse for not organizing and fighting for our liberation.

In the past New Negros would say; “Jesus will Save us,” not they say “the Universe has a divine plan,” and both would lead people to sit on their political and ideological asses and not directly confront our enemies and our collective conditions.  So don’t let the “Spiritualist” tell you they are not like or more enlightened than the Religious.

Black Atheist, Agnostics, and Free Thinkers need to be in the community working with our people and building with our people and vocal about our views on Religion as the Religious are vocal about Allah, Jesus, and Yah; we can work together and debate divergent views and still be productive, that’s what maturity of a movement looks like. 

So stay engage, do the work, and share you insights when you need to.