Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: The New Negro Uprising of 2014!

New Negros out here quoting Donald Sterling’s comments on the Black condition and Black behavior!?!? Really!?!

As if there are not countless African Scholars and Revolutionist to read and quote! Fuck is wrong wit cha!

They be thinking they saying something deep and profound when they quote that demented racist. WTF?

Not to mention all these wealthy Black Minstrels coming out expressing their forgiveness of DS, and that goddamn church that invited him in to worship White Jesus the Christ with them.

I’m so sick of NNs! They are just buggin out over the last couple of weeks! Getting bolder too.

I think it’s them impending midterm elections that got the NNs flipping out. It’s looking like Obama’s weak leadership, and his inability or disinterest in fighting for the “Change” he promised us all is going to lose him the Senate, and give the Republicans an larger majority in the house, not to mention more of this Sinking Ship of a Nation is going to go Red on the State and Local level.

When all that happens Obama is going to endure Bill Clinton-esque investigations and impeachment proceedings.

I don’t think the NNs really understand all of this, they can just feel it instinctively; that their King is in trouble, and they are just out here saying dumb shit because publicly saying dumb shit is therapeutic for them, it relives the pressure for them, so Floyd Mayweather, NAS, and the countless NNs all over the community and on Social Media are just trying to relive stress…I suspect.