The Enslaved vs. The Slave.

There were Slaves (not Enslaved Africans, but actual Slaves, who embodied that title)…

…There were slaves who felt Shame, Anger, and Despair whenever they saw Enslaved Africans act out.

They would see these Enslaved Africans (who never fully submitted or accepted their status as slaves) act out in many petty, counterproductive, reactionary, major, productive, and even Revolutionary ways, and it would make the Slaves feel embarrassed that he/she shared the same skin color and status as the Enslaved African.

Slaves would see or hear about Enslaved Africans who would steal food from the plantation mansion, or take some jewelery from the plantation mistresses drawer as they cleaned and this all would really upset the Slaves.

Slaves would hear about how the Enslaved wet-nurse would abuse the White infant when no one was looking, how the Enslaved cook would put pee, spit, or even feces in the big pot when the Massa was holding his holiday feast and they’d pray to the lord that Massa wouldn’t think less of all Slaves for the actions of the Enslaved.

Slaves would feel so ashamed when they heard about the Enslaved who’d found a hidden spot in the big cotton fields that the Overseer didn’t know about, and they’d go there and sleep, gamble, have sex, or just lounge when they should be working.

What brought the Slaves the most shame was when the Enslaved committed violent acts, when they fought and killed each other over some crumbs that the Massa threw to them, but especially when the Enslaved turned their Machetes towards the Massa, the Overseers, and their wives and children. Many Slaves wished they could have given their lives in exchange for the lives of those innocent children, and the kind plantation mistress. Slaves would announce that the acts of violence proves that Slaves and the Enslaved deserved all of the ill treatment the Massa imposed on them.

The Slavers were always feeling upset about something the Enslaved would do. I bet many Slaves stated that they were “Through with Niggas,” or that “Them Niggas deserve what they get,” or “We are our own Worst enemy,” or “If Niggas weren’t so lazy/irresponsible/ignant, Massa would treat us better.”

I can just hear them now, literally, I can here them now because there are Slaves around today who still level the same admonishments against the currently Enslaved.

Whenever you see or hear some New Negro complaining about the Knock Out Game, or some Black youths assaulting some college students, or Blacks not valuing education, or some other bullshit, know, you are dealing with a Slave; especially if they their complaints are tied to how Whites or some other race will view Blacks as the result of some other Black person’s behavior. That’s a Slave fa sho.

There’s noting any African can do to make me feel shame before Whites, nothing.

There’s a lot of shit my people do that I take issue with, but that ain’t the same as feeling embarrassed for or by my people.

I don’t care if it’s Twerking in public, or “a mob” of Black youth assaulting “innocent” White people, we ain’t to feel embarrassed by any of it.

Negros need to stop that; “Making Us Look Bad” Bullshit!

Our only obligation is to help the Enslaved to be more Revolutionary and effective in their acts of rebellion, that’s it. We need to heal and liberate ourselves, but that ain’t got shit to do with us feeling any shame or embarrassment before any of those who worked to put and sustain us in such degraded conditions.

To quote Dr. John Henrik Clarke: “Black people don’t own nobody nothing, except an ass whoppin.”