Why do most african from africa that living in america or africans that was born in america but parents are from africa have a disdian hatred for african in american(african american), calling us akatas, cultureless, lazy, criminals, losers, etc. but africans that live in africa now do not have this same thought process toward us?

Because Africans don’t have our own independent educational and media institutions, so our thoughts, opinions, attitudes, views, perspectives, understandings, ideas, etc. are often fully formed through White indoctrination and miseducaiton.  Even we who’ve managed to resist White indoctrination and miseducation still have to work diligently to sustain our African minds, our very consciousness because we are bombarded by Anti-African Propaganda everyday of our lives with little and limited correct insights and information about Africa or the African Diaspora.

Just as our enemies stole and colonized our lands, our resources, and our culture, they’ve also attempted to steal our very minds, and just as we have to fight for justice, liberation, and reparations, we have to fight to sustain our minds.  Do, don’t take ANYTHING at face value, as Wise Intelligent once stated.

You can’t even rest on the notion that our African migrant Brothers and Ssters have universally negative attitudes about Africans of the Diaspora.  Many of them understand the nature of oppression and the dysfunction it breeds, because they saw it under colonization in their lands, and they know we are colonized subjects in this land.

If you encounter an African migrant who harbors these views just engage them and you will find that they will often wake up when you give them some insights and evidence to back up your insights.

I has a young Sister from the Sudan working for me, and she once stated that,“ you and your wife are not like other Black Americans, you are smart and you guys work hard.” I told her that we are not Black Americans at all but we are Africans just like her.  He was shocked at my response, and insisted that we were good Black Americans, but not Africans, not at all.  Over the months that she worked with us we explained the history and plight of the African diaspora, how Africans all over the world are as African as those on the continent, and many other insights with the young Sister.

She didn’t just accept what we were saying, she’d debate us, we’d bring others into the ongoing discussion from both sides of the spectrum.  The Sister got an intensive education on Pan-Africanism over the months that she worked for us.  She eventually moved away to go to college and later sent me an email thanking me and the others for being patient with her, and her experience in college and traveling verified and  reinforced everything we told her.

So, when we find ourselves in the company of those who speak out of ignorance, but we find they are open to dialogue and discourse, we simply share the facts and insights with them; unless of course you are dealing with a New Negro, then don’t waste your time, and New Negros are as prevalent in African as they are in the African Diaspora.
Those New Negro African Migrants who have hostility towards the African Diaspora, are more likely than not to be just as hostile towards their own in their home nations.  They were as big a sellout in African as they are outside of African, and they’ve just found a now justification for the Self-Hatred and Self-Rejection.  These parasites can only be isolated and excluded from the larger community, just like the “homegrown” New Negros born here.