Would you consider the german RAF (Red Army Faction) which was a far left militant group in Germany a typical White Liberation Movement ?

Nope, sorry; but White people can’t be liberated from other White people, they can’t be liberated from White Culture, from Whiteness.  Sorry, that’s not how shit works.

Look at the Jews when they were “liberated from Nazi Germany,” what did they do?  They went to Palestine and set up an Apartheid system, and are engaged in a systematic genocide of a people.  That’s what White Liberation Movements always end up doing.

Look back in history, when the Republicans rose up against the Royalist to end the tyranny of Monarchy in Western Europe.  What happen next?  The Republicans, brought a “reign of terror,” after displacing or beheading the Kings and Queens of Europe.  They didn’t Liberate the masses, they didn’t end the colonial invasions, and mass enslavement; they were better at oppression and mass slaughter than the Kings were!  That’s White Liberation!

Look at the grand Bolshevik Revolution.  Did the Red Army free the millions of serfs in Eastern Europe (Northern Asia)?  Were they any better than the Tzars they took from power?  Fuck Naw!  We all know how the USSR played out.

One more example:

What about when the brave colonist in America who threw off the yolk of oppression imposed on them by the British crown, when Native Americans and Africans joined with the White colonist to run the British Soldiers off of colonial territory, and gain independence for the newly formed United States of America; and wrote a beautiful Constitution mandating equality and rights for all men.  Look at how that White Liberation Movement played out; not just the ongoing genocide of the Natives, and the entrenching of African enslavement; but how this nation that was founded on freedom and equality has done more than any other to impose tyranny, oppression, ecocide, and slavery on the world, all of humanity for the last 2 centuries!  That’s what the fuck White Liberation looks like.

So I don’t conciser the Red Army Faction to be a Liberation Movement, just a power displacement movement.  What the means is, when Whites fight other Whites, they don’t fight for freedom, they fight to take over the system of oppression.  When a new group of Whites displaces another group of Whites, the method of oppression might change, the character and rhetoric of oppression might change, but they gon still oppresses, colonize, kill, and steal.

Whites can’t have Liberation, until yall deal with something that’s rooted deeply in the fundamental Mentality and Personality of White folks. 

White people killed and ate everything in Europe, they established some of the most murderous and oppressive regimes even known to man; they raped their own land to the point they were forced to leave their land to find food and resources in the “New World.”  Then they came upon abundant lands, humane cultures, and they were helped and embraced.  Did they get with the program?  Did they join the natives in living within the ecosystems of the lands, nope.  They went about creating the very conditions in the New Worlds that they were trying to flee in the first damn place.  WTF is up with that? 

So, Whites problem is not that they lack or need liberation, they need fundamental, internal, psychological, and cultural transformation; no one can do that for Whites but Whites, all the rest of the world can do is erect barriers to White Aggression, but no one has been able to curb it. 

I don’t even hate White people, not now that I understand them, and the world better.  Hate is pretty pointless when there’s understanding. 

Whites, with all their technology and all their academic infrastructure, don’t spend much time or resources studying themselves or looking soberly and objectively at their history, they commit more time to distorting their history, falsely inflating their sense of superiority, and tearing down cultures and people they can never truly relate to or understand. 

White’s have all the money, rights, and opportunity; but they will never know Liberation, not until they are able to join humanity instead of attacking and exploiting every damn thing they come into contact with.  Some say that will never happen, that Whites will continue their cancerous relationship with the world until they are extinct or all life is extinct on this planet; others are more hopeful, me, I don’t hope, or make predictions, I just follow the data and the lessons of history.

White groups like Deep Green Resistance, the Venus Project, Earth Liberation Front, the Revolutionary Communist (in the US), and the Animal Liberation Front seem to get it, they seem to understand that you can’t just change laws, policies, or the people in power, but you gotta penetrate the mentalities and personalities of Whites and transform them on a biological level, a metaphysical level.  Will they succeed, IDK, time will tell.

I can tell you this, I sure ain’t waiting for yall to figure this shit out, can’t afford to wait, I’m organizing for Black Liberation…from White Oppression, and working to erect barriers to further White Aggression, that’s what all non-Whites need to be doing.  Whites who’ve accepted the truth about Whiteness, need to join groups like Deep Green Resistance and make their contributions too, but they shouldn’t have any illusions as they embark on their work; the onus is on Whites to prove their willingness and ability to live peacefully with others, and non-Whites don’t owe them shit. 

I don’t even owe you this answer, but I think these facts need to be articulated. 

Sorry for such a long answer to a very simple question.