Why do you hate America? Why do you pretend that you are “oppressed”? You think you’re really oppressed? Go live in China, North Korea, or better yet anywhere in Africa where slavery of all kinds is rampant and maintained by black Africans. Yeah it’s not just Arabs, Africans believe in slavery. You have a roof over your head, you have two boys from what I could gather on your instagram, meaning you have leisure time. You’re well off enough to choose to be vegan. Cut the bullshit Diallo.

1. I don’t hate America, I want America returned to its lawful and original inhabitants.  I hate the Omnicidal Western culture, governance, and economic Systems that invaded, colonized, and now rules this land.  

2. I’m not pretending, I’m actually oppressed.

3. I do think I’m oppressed; based on the basic definition of oppression; and also based on the political, historical, cultural, social, and economic definitions of oppression.

4. I wouldn’t mind going to China to visit, and North Korea; but I have no historical or political claims to those lands.  I also intend to visit Africa soon, and my wife and I often discuss moving there permanently; it’s on the agenda. 

5. Slavery is not rampant in Africa, there is currently no nation in Africa that has more enslaved people in it than the US (read the 13th Amendment), in fact slavery is rampant in the US states more so than any other nation in the world. Slavery in Africa is concentrated in the Arab occupied North, but not the rest of Africa. 

6. As far as believing in Slavery, there isn’t one precolonial African civilization that had an economy based on enslavement or slave labor, not one, at least that’s what I’ve learned from my own research, reading hundreds of both African and non-African historians and anthropologist.  If you have contradicting evidence, if you have any sources beyond your own White Racist Indoctrination, White Nationalist websites, and Fox News; about Africa’s history, pre-colonial African Slavery, and African belief in Slavery, please share it, I’d love to review it.   

7. Yes I have two healthy, vegan, community-schooled sons, I have some leisure time, and a humble home; but even if I had billions of dollar I’d still be organizing (more effectively) for Liberation because I’m not a psychopath, I have empathy, and all of the money in the world will not make me immune to Racism, or the ecocide being imposed on the world by Global White Domination, Omnicidal Capitalism, and Western Culture.  So, I’ll still be on the same shit if I was rich, which I ain’t.

8. I’m compassionate and disciplined enough to be a Vegan, that’s all it takes.

9. Responding to your anonymous questions and comments was a small attempt to cut through the Bullshit.  

I see you’ve been following my post from sometime based on your rant here; so you are either some kinda masochist, a stalker, or just your run of the mill W.R.I.T. (White Racist Internet Troll).  I’m thinking all of the above.

You are so pissed and insulted that someone would challenge your White delusions that you are lashing out at me to gain some sort of comfort in, and affirmation of your delusions when you could have simply done a little research, you could have followed some of the links I provide, looked up some of the authors, scholars, and ideas I talk about.  You could have studied up on some of the historical events and movements that I reference; you could have gotten out of that bland White ideological bubble that’s been constructed for you since birth; or you could just stop following my blog, I’m not talking to your anyway.  You ain’t interested in learning, and I’m not even invested in your learning anything from me, so what’s the point?
But since you’re a White dude, you are not only accustomed to going places you have no business being, where your Racist ass isn’t welcome, you expect those places (physical and virtual places) to accommodate and validate you and your own bullshit or you will lash out like a big White baby man. LOL! SMH. 


If you made it this far, good, cuz I wanted to waste some of your time since you wasted mine. Now, roll your eyes and scoff for like the 1000th time since you’ve started reading this response, then run off to the Hooters, your White Racist social media feeds, or wherever you gather with other W.R.I.Ts. to discuss whatever nonsense Fox News, Alex Jones, or Michael Savage have pumped in your unwashed heads this week, and tell em how you “called this fucking reverse Racist, communist, Ni99er on his bullshit!”  LOL!  

Oh, wait, before you go, allow me to give you your W.R.I.T. Score.

W.R.I.T. Score: 5: Average. (Good try though.)