I notice that your writings have a great deal of typos. Are you dyslexic?

No, or at least I’ve never been diagnosed. 

Truth is, I don’t see my post as being formal, that’s why I cuss, use slang, and don’t really check for typos; my main concern in my post is clarity of the message, beyond that, who gives a fuck except for White Racist Internet Trolls, who focus on typos because they can’t dispute the content and the context of what’s written.

It’s funny to me that you, a Racist reads so many of my post and focuses on the typos, but the message is still banging against your psyche and ego.  LoL. 

Keep telling yourself, “he can’t be right, or else he wouldn’t have all these typos.”  See if that will help you recover your ego and sustain your indoctrination.  I don’t give a fuck, but for your simple minded benefit, I will proof read this response and correct any typos.

WRIT Score 5.2

(Note: I only gave this such a high WRIT Score, because there’s a chance, a razor slim change that this particular Anon is not some White Racist Internet Troll, it could be my wife, who has a degree in English, and has taught English and Literature for the past 15 years.  She’s always on me about my typos and abuse of the language.  Maybe she’s adopting more extreme measures to motivate me to…as I call it, “talk and type White.”)