Whitewashing of White Atrocities.

We let them get away with calling Genocide, Ethnic cleansing.

Then we let them get away with calling Ethnic Cleansing, Gentrification.

Then we started calling Racism, White privilege.

Now they tryna call White Privilege, Racial Preference (no lie, I heard it on NPR this morning).

Fuck wrong with yall, why yall letting them literally Whitewash, not just the language of White Oppression but their Atrocities as well?

Yall think yall being educated when yall say “People of Color” instead of Black folks, or when yall say “White Privilege” instead of “that’s some Kracka Bullshit!”?

This isn’t PC, this is fucking mind control; if people can get you to change the terms you use to describe a condition they can get you to change your thinking about the condition.

What’s next; yall gon start calling Rape, “aggressive courtship,” or extinction, “species displacement?” What about calling Blacks, “melaninley overburdened.” LOL! SMH.

Stop Whitewashing your language cuz that will Whitewash your thinking. Call shit what shit is.