“Power is the Ability to Define….”

Revers Racism : Putting your arms up to deflect or block their strikes.

Terrorism : Actually striking them back.

Dictatorship : Any form of rule besides White rule.

Democracy : When they rule, no matter their numbers.

Communism : Not allowing them to rape your resources.

Primitive : Anything they can’t do or understand.

Savage : A victim of their Savagery.

Women : Male production units.

God : See Mirror.

Devil : See Others.

Nature : Unexploited Resources.

Sex : Shameful, unless it’s generating capital.

Money : Everything.

War : Natural state of being.

Peace : Fiction.

White : See Money.

Black : Threatening, yet alluring, which makes it more threatening.

Natives : Placeholders.

Death : Tragedy when happens to them, stat for others.


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