Brother Diallo, do you think a real revolutionary could ever become president of the united states? Someone who really is anti-sexist, anti-racist, socialist, pro justice, and pro just being a decent fucking human being? Do you think this will ever be possible?

There have been many Revolutionary presidents.  Revolutions are not inherently progressive, you can have repressive, Racist, White Nationalist, Theocratic, and even Capitalist Revolutions.  Which the US has had more then a few of.

The US has also had socialist presidents, or presidents with socialist policy platforms, the New Deal, the War on Poverty, and the Great Society were all socialist.  The largest branch of the government, the US military is also Socialist.  We also tend to think that socialism is inherently anti-Racist, but it is not, many socialist states are extremely Racist, like Cuba and Sweden.

I know I’m being knit-picky and shit, but I think it’s good to review those points from time to time; we have to make sure there is a strong anti-Racist and anti-Sexism component to our Progressive agendas cuz much of the shit we push for like Black Empowerment or Socialist Economic are not inherently anti-Racism or pro-woman. 

So, finally, I’ll got to your question: There will never been a truly Revolutionary President of the USA.

This system can’t even tolerate a truly democratic, or constitutional president; even if one got elected (like Jill Stein) it would provoke another civil war, or some other crisis that will provoke the disintegration of the State (which I cool as fuck with). 

Also, it’s not the job of Revolutionaries to take power in the oppressive system, it’s to dismantle the oppressive system and erect a new system…preferably on where there are not more oppressive power structures like a centralized, militarized, authoritarian government. 

That means that if a truly Revolutionary POTUS was elected they would begin to dismantle the State they were elected to govern. 

Oh, there is one presidential candidate that did promise to do just that, dismantle the State if elected, he’s an anarchist political prisoner who’s running for president as a write in candidate; his name is Sean Swain, you can write him in for the November election.