You ever studied or know anything about the bilderberg group?

Yes, and the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300, Skull & Bones, NATO, the UN Security Council, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, etc, etc, etc, etc.

These are Institutions, Foundation, Clubs, Governing Bodies, and Think Tanks of the Global White Domination.  They research, the construct the agendas and policies for the imperial nations and their subservient nations. 

I could write a book on such groups, but there are already a ton of books and documentaries on these groups; and I don’t know if I can and anything else to the discussion.

The bottom line is, that these groups of collections of (White) men, not super men, not magical men, not even particularly talented men; they are simply men who have the disciple to construct and hold to an agenda, or many different complex agendas; they also have an infinite amount of money (because they print the money), and boundless resources to carry out their agendas.  Their corrupt and horrible agendas. 

It frustrates me that so many attribute super natural and mythical power or properties to these groups, or pretend that the Illuminati has some kinda magical hold over humanity, or that there are reptilian aliens running this whole shit.  That’s all bullshit.

Hannah Arendt once wrote about the “banality of evil,” because she understood that the evil men who run the world are not these comic book villains, these giant monster men, the are corrupt, petty, insecure, men; they are extremely unoriginal and boring.  They only want more, and their are relentless in their pursuit of more, but they are also banal as fuck. 

What these various groupings have to teach us is that a small group of disciplined and united people can hold power and change the world. 

I’m not sure why the conscious community hasn’t figured this out yet, they seem to be more interested in studying other men’s conspiracies of Global Domination than they are in constructing and carrying out their own conspiracies of Global Liberation, is suppose.