Government Debt: Where Your Tax Dollars Go to Die.

I’m so sick of these Drones (mindless, powerless, workers) complaining about their tax dollars being spent on “Food Stamps,” and other welfare programs.

How stupid do you have to be to imagine that the US is in Trillions of dollars in debt, and the government is shutting down because its spending too much on poor people, single mothers, and lazy Nigg@s who refuse to work? I mean, you have to be latched to the Corporate Media Teet pretty hard to swallow that load. (Note: I was gonna say ‘dick’ instead of ‘teet’ but I didn’t wanna be vulgar.)

The Pentagon can blow more money in one a minute bombing raid than the US spends on Food Stamps in a year!

I’ve yet to hear one Negro bitch about wasting money on ‘Star Wars Missile Defense Systems’ that have yet to have a successful test run, or on all the damn Aircraft Carriers, when no other military on the planet has an Aircraft Carrier!

When have you heard one of these Drones inquire about the Trillions of dollars pissed away in Iraq, or the Black Budgets that the military has, which the Congress has no oversight on.

The next time you her some Negro complaining about EBT, or Housing Subsidies, or about Nigg@s on welfare; hit them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and yell; “Bad Negro! Bad Negro! Stop swallowing Massa’s Propaganda!”

Then make them go sit in the corner and read Powernomics, if their self-hate is too strong to allow them to accept Black wisdom, then make them read Noam Chomsky.

Google Image: Military Equipment Graveyard.
Then you will see where your tax dollars go to die.