Black Actors & Models Wanted

1. For AIDS & HIV Billboards

2. To Play the Female Lead in a Comedy
(Black males only)

3. To Star in Progress Porn
(movies that show Blacks in successful roles to obscure the reality of Black life in America)

4. To Star in Oppression Porn
(movies that rewrite and history the history of Black oppression in American, and paint Blacks as causes of, or equal partners in Black oppression)

5. For Political Candidates
(needed to push right-wing, anti-Black policies while giving the greater Black community a false sense of progress and inclusion. Must not be too Black and devoid of any integrity)

6. For Magazines Spreads that Highlight your Feminine Qualities (again, Black males only)

7. For Black Leadership Roles
(Black males only, must be inconsistent, ineffective, and willing to pimp the suffering of the Black community)

8. As Buffoonish Sidekicks to White Males Leads
(again Black males only, unless you are Queen Latifah)

9. As Buffoonish Sidekicks to White Female Leads
(Black females only, Black males in drag also accepted)

10. As Rap Video Extras
(Stereotypically Thuggish Black males, or Stereotypically Whoreish Black females only)

11. For Magazine Spreads that Highlight Your Single and Unwanted Status
(Essence Mag Only, single Black females only)

If you are interested in any of these roles, please make you way to Hollywood, New York City, or Atlanta. There are may roles, but unfortunately even more Black models and actors willing to take on these roles so get to shuffling before someone git yo spot!!