Black LGBTQs Got Pimped…

It’s funny, I’m seeing all of the outrage about the Stonewall
movie.  The Gay Rights Movement is already writing Black LGBTQs out of
the history of the struggle.  They are already ignoring issues that
disproportionally impact the Black LGBTQ population, like Racism,
Poverty, Homelessness, Violence, and Corrective rape.  They’ve already made a Trans, Rich, White, Republican the mascot for LGBTQ awareness.  LoL.  SMH.  

Black LGBTQs done fell for the Okie Doke.  

I been saying for years now that the Gay rights movement
was going to leave Black LGBTQs in the dust after the White LGBTQs used
them to secure legitimacy, rights, resources, and opportunity for
Whites.  No one listened.

Now the Black LGBTQs can join the Black Feminist who got (and still getting) pimped by the White Feminist.  

Now the Black LGBTQs can join the Black Integrationist, who got pimped
by Jews, Slavs, Catholics, (and other discriminated White Ethnic groups
during the Civil Rights era).

Now the Black LGBTQs can join the Black Occupiers who got pimped by the Occupy movement.

The next group about to get this lesson are the Black Liberals tangled
up in the Immigrant Rights Movement.  They about to see how Black
immigrants from African, the Caribbean, and Latin America are gonna get
burned as all the White Latinos run away with all the spoils.  

When we gonna learn?  If it ain’t Pan-Africanism, if it ain’t us,
uniting with us, for our specific issues and interest, then we will get

We we gonna accept that we don’t have any allies in our
struggle for Liberation; and more importantly; when are we gonna
realize that we don’t need any?

All we got is us, and that’s cool cuz all we need is us.  

We need to stop diluting our struggles and thinning out our own forces.
 If you have a specific issue, the fight within our community to
advance it among our own people.  I’m not gonna join with White Vegans
and Atheist, I’m gonna fight with my people while I work to educate my
people about the issue I think we need to do better on; and I suggest
all others who have neglected, and unaddressed issues within the Black
community to do the same.

There’s not other alternative yall.  

Note: Dr Claud Anderson
warned us to stay away from Horizontal Movements that include all
groups, and focus on Vertical Movements and Issues exclusively; which
only deal with Black interest exclusivity.  The longer we ignore this
wisdom, the longer we will suffer.