What are your general thoughts on science? I’ve spoken with black nationalists and some pan-Africans that oppose science and they use terms such as white people science, or white people medicine. Do you think that science today is universal as advertised or is it some white people stuff?

No Science is not Universal.  Science is rooted in culture, directed by culture, funded by Systems and Societies.  Science is far from Universal or Neutral.

Western Science and Scientific Methodology is dominate because the West has viciously imposed it on the rest of the world.  It is a Sceince that is short sighted and higly destructive; from the technology it produces, to the disregard it shows for the Natural World and Natural Systems.

Western Science is proving to be Omnicidal, it often creates treatments or technological fixes that are much worse than the problems they address because Western Science just as all Western Culture is Low to Non Contextual; if fails to make vital connects between deeply related systems and realities.

Natural Laws or Universal, important components of Science are the observation, recording, and manipulation of those Laws and Materials.  In the arena of observation, recording, and manipulation culture plays a very strong factor.

Even if we disagree with Western Science, it is absurd to dismiss their Science and Scientific outputs, it innervates our lives, and we must make use of it as we navigate the world, and seek to bring balance to the world.

We also have to see that there are elements of African Science and Genius throughout Western Science, our contributions run deep, we have to extract those elements from the Omnicidal and anti-nature aspects of Western Science, we essentially have to reclaim and repair the Sciences just as we must reclaim and repair the world, our nations, our very selves. 

I think it is dangerous to pretend that Science, Math, Medicine or any other of the hard Sciences are Universal or Race neutral in their teachings and application.

It is also suicidal to dismiss or downplay the hard sciences because they are contaminated by Western Pathology, Greed, and Aggression. 

I have studied Anatomy and Physiology; and White people have taken the names and credit for discovery for so many structures and process in the body, should I reject or refuse to learn Anatomy and Physiology?  Hell naw. 

I’ve had the opportunity to study Radium Physics, Cellular Anatomy, Botany, and Biology at the colleagate level, I learned that shit as best I could, even the Eurocentric and Bias aspects of it, and I’m glad I did.  We don’t need to fear learning or mastering Western Sciences as long as we are rooted in our culture, and we understand our greater mission behind  for learning and applying Western Science.

The same education and training that allows one to construct a Nuclear Bomb or Power plant is the same education and training we will need to dismantle those insane Western technologies. 

Even though my formal education is in History, Political Science, and Public Policy, I always took Science courses when the opportunity presented itself.  I encourage others to do so as well.  You can identify and dispute the bullshit unless you know the bullshit. 

I know my answer is all over the place, but I hope you find some clarity in my response.  Tell those Black Nationalist you know to Oppose White Science, but learn that shit as to better oppose it and extranct the usefullness from it.