You get angry when Whites want to have their own neighborhoods, and try to keep Blacks out. I get it. Racial discrimination is illegal, and for good reasons. However, you also get angry when Whites move into Harlem, and try to improve it. Isn’t that being a bit hypocritical, and reverse discrimination?You say Harlem is a Black neighborhood, and should remain that way. However, like it or not, things change. After all, there is Spanish Harlem. Even the barrios and Chinatowns are integrated

You putting words in my mouth, I challenge you to find any place I’ve written or stated that I get angry when “Whites want to live in their own neighborhoods.

I have no desire to live among Racist Whites, it’s Racist Whites who are always encroaching on other people’s neighborhoods, nations, and continents. So you got shit turned around.    

Whites have not improved any place they have invaded.  Look at the ecosystems and the state of the people they have invaded.  

Also, Whites have never Integrated, they invade and take over, like a virus or parasite.  Even White social scientist and historians admit to this.

In fact, name one nation, Race, culture that Whites have encountered anywhere in the world that they got along with, they didn’t attempt to enslave, exterminate, or colonize.  Name one. 

Oh, and if White folks make shit better, then where are they coming from?  Why are Whites colonizing Black areas if they are already in vibrant, better communities?  It’s because where they are coming from is mind numbingly soulless and White washed.  Whites following Blacks, culturally and geographically.  But the truth has always been irrelevant to White folks like you.

But rest assured, the children of the Gentrifiers will be “discovering” Blacks in the burbs and rural areas and moving there to “make shit better,” cuz their parent will have fucked up the inner-cities over the course of 30-40 years, just like your parent fucked up the burbs and exurbs with their Whiteness and White ways.  

But we are wasting each other’s time.  So stop trying to Gentrify and Colonize my Black Blog! You go on with your White Indoctrination and your Dog Whistle Racism, and leave me to my efforts.  Bye Fool.

WRIT Score: 2: Very Poor.