Bye Raven, & Good Luck.

I think the door to exit the Race should be unlocked, and the path be clear and well lit; but that door should swing one way and not have a doorknob on the outer side.

If you want out, get out and stay out.

“If you go over there, stay over there.” – Dr. John Henrik Clarke

I don’t mind people leaving the Race, but I hate when we let them back in after they fail to find another Race to take them in, or they find that the classification of “just American” don’t carry weight nowhere.

What I hate even more than that is when Race Rejectors come running back with their asses of fire after White folks done flipped on them; that’s the worst!

We let OJ come back, when he caught that murder rap.

We let Michael Jackson come back when White folks were shaking him down for money and the Beatles catalog after his “lifestyle” came under scrutiny. Fucking MJ showing up to court with Nation of Islam security and Al Sharpton holding his umbrella. SMH.

When MJ came back most of yall tried to pretend like he never left, like he didn’t duck and fail to publicly take a Pro-Black stance in every major historical event dealing with our Race over his almost 45 years in the global spotlight! He kept his head down and only dealt with safe multi-racial shit like We Are the World, which didn’t even get the fucking money and resources to our Brothers and Sisters on the Horn of Africa.

Now Raven-Symoné has exited the Race, and taking all her talent and money with her. I wish her well, and I hope the rest of yall do so as well.

Don’t bother tell her Whites are not as permissive in allowing you to leave what Dick Gregory once referred to as the “Nigga Box,” as I/we are, that’s her problem now, her’s alone. Racism can’t touch her any more, she’s just an American, and I guess if she any injustice hits her we’ll call it Anti-Americanism.

May she live a long happy American, Race-less life; or not, but either way she wants to do so detached from the Black Race, from African-Americans, and from our unique heritage and struggles; so please allow her to do so, and hold her to it.

Thank you Raven. #NNSEP