Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Peep the Patterns

The ‪#‎TravonMartin‬ Family now campaigns to take guns away from (Black) citizens.

The ‪#‎MikeBrown‬ Family now campaigns to put Body Cams on all policemen.

Hell, ‪#‎RodneyKing‬ wanted us to just “get along” with the Systems and Institutions that are oppressing us.

The family of ‪#‎AmadouDiallo‬ was more concerned about the potential violence of the people than the homicidal State Violence that killed their son.

After the community fought for justice for ‪#‎AbnerLouima‬, he took the money ran to a White community in Florida, and refused to speak against the system that assaulted him.

I don’t want to be insensitive to the suffering of these and other families, but I’m noticing a pattern: An atrocity happens, folks like Al Sharpton and his ilk show up, then the family begins to call for actions and reforms that are empty or that would further oppress the rest of us. What’s up with that?

Is someone getting to these families, or do these families independently come to support actions and reforms based on their own independent research and values? Is it about a pay off or is it about justice and making sure these atrocities end for good?

By the time there are millions of people fighting in your name, or in the name of your loved one, you should know that it’s bigger than you, and that you owe the masses the consideration of being both honest and studied about what you bring to the fore, right?

Or maybe I’m just insensitive. Maybe that’s it.