We Didn’t (Just) Peacefully March & Sit-In for Our Rights.

It is a myth, a pathological denial of history to assert that Black people secured Civil Rights, reforms, and concessions from the US government through non-violence, sit-ins, peaceful protest, and prayer. 

(EX1: During the John F Kennedy Administration, Blacks appeals for him to send the National guard into the South to curb White Aggression against Blacks protesters, and he ignored them.  Black folks then organized to fight White Aggression, they were willing battles against the Klan and the White Citizens’ Council in the streets; and then, and only then did JFK send in the National Guard to “keep the peace.” [http://tinyurl.com/zy7rtxy]

EX2: Obama was off politicking in Europe while Blacks died in the streets by the hundreds, but one act of Reactionary Violence has him canceling his trip and rushing back to the US to address “the horrendous violence.” [http://tinyurl.com/z7n8mod])

We fought, died, and shed the blood of our Oppressors for our every Right, and what limited freedoms we enjoy today.  That’s a historical, and verifiable fact.  We’ve engaged in Revolutionary, and Reactionary Violence since the days of Chattel Slavery up to today.

“We’ve always had to shed blood! Just to drink at a water fountain, to shop at a store like any other human being, to attend school, to just be able to live our lives we’ve had to shed blood!” – Kwame Ture (Paraphrase)
The blood shedding was not our nature, our way, or our choice, it was imposed on us by them, and it still is. The System could have peace, but there’s no profit in peace.