These ignorant Minstrels, who lack any sense of self, history, or connection with the suffering of our ancestors are gonna get some White people fucked up. I swear.

Lord, please don’t let any of these Millennials who came up listening to these Minstrels come up calling me Nigga, or even using that word around me because I’m obligated to punch them in the face, my Blackness demands it of me.

Funny how this punk wanna joke around with white people like this, I wonder if he has ever uttered the word Kik&, F@ggot, or $pick.

These punks wanna spew Ni%%a and call Black women Bit^ches all day and night, but they seem to be unable, or not allowed by their Zionist paymasters, to offed other groups, or use any racial slurs that can be attached to any other racial or ethnic groups.

These muthafuckas ain’t gangstas, they pop-stars, they are modern day Minstrels, fuck them all! Fucking cowards.

I just heard of Schoolboy Q today and already hate this muthafucka.

(Oh, and for all of you who wanna comment about me hating on artist, or how its just music/expression, and all of you too goddamn stupid to understand the implications of such psycho-cultural assaults against our people, delete yourself and save me the trouble, I’m done suffering fools, gladly or otherwise.)