Diallo, some black guy on twitter went on a rant about how capitalism is the most productive system and how it’s not capitalism that’s the problem, it’s greed. he also said that all systems are corrupt and this corruption is greater in socialist communist countries and how those economies make everyone equally poor and mediocre. He also said if socialism communism is so great why are people from those countries migrating and rushing to come to the USA. Thoughts?

Tired old retorts.  Those aren’t that New Negro’s own views; he’s just regurgitating his indoctrination, it’s really no point in trying to debate such a terminal Negro.  

Negros like that do make good “sound boards” however.  If you have others engaged in or observing the discussion then you can engage them in orders to expose and dismantle their indoctrination; but it will not change this fool’s position on the issue.  

I don’t think I really need to go point by point on his bullshit do I?  

Just tell that New Negro, or Uncle Tom, or whatever his classifications is that I said that; “he needs to STFU with his stupid ass.”