Canaries in the Coal Mine.

Black people in the U.S. are the proverbial “Canaries in the Coal Mine” for the U.S. and its socioeconomic trends; what happens to Black People will eventually happen to the larger society, in a much more intensified manor.

Africans were brutalized in slavery for generations; and the Whites suffered their most violent and bloody conflict to date in Us Civil War.
In the Post-Reconstruction Era, Africans live in overwhelming poverty and squalor while White America had its earliest Wall Streets booms, none of that wealth trickled down to our ancestors; low and behold, America experiences a series of economic crashes that drove the formally wealthy out of skyscraper windows.
Africans were abused, lynched, and demeaned by a system based on Scientific Racism and White Superiority, then millions of White Americans and Europeans lost their lives in a war provoked by Hitler; a man obsessed with Scientific Racism and White Superiority.
In the 1980s White America allowed drugs imported by the CIA to flood our Urban communities, and allowed the police to wage war on us to flush out the drugs they were allowing in; White America remained totally silent on the matter…Then came Meth, the prescription drug addiction epidemic, the PATRIOT ACT, and the NDAA. Now Whites are felling the sting of rampant drug abuse, and militarized policing.
Blacks were losing their wealth and being foreclosed on in great numbers before the Housing Collapse of 2008, then, as always, Whites joined the pain-party.

So, today, we have the unemployed & unemployable Black youth forming increasingly violent gangs and crews which ripping apart communities with violence and homicides. What the hell do you think is coming for White suburban America when the last remaining jobs are shipped to India and China, when the economies of the 3rd World are strong enough to oust the IMF, World Bank, and US corporations, when Whites inevitably get a taste of what’s been plaguing the Black community since the beginning of Post-Industrial America?

We are going to, hell, we already are seeing a rise in White gangs, but we don’t call them gangs, we call them Militias, Frats, Tea-Parties, Neo-Nazi Hate groups, etc. They will show us what gang and street violence really is, they will take it to a whole new level; just Goggle: Timothy McVeigh if you need a hint of what is coming on a much larger scale. Look at the love the Boston Bombing suspect is getting in underground groupings of disgruntled White youth.

I hope yall are prepared. We need to stop excluding and condemning these violent youth. We need to reach out to them, give them skills and a livelihood in exchange for communal defense and adherence to Pan-Africanist principles. We need to wake up and organize…please people.

Tell me what I need to do to drive this home to you who have yet to embrace the Struggle. What level of evidence, proof, example do you need. I’m at the point of begging now, because I don’t know what else to do and we’ve yet to attract the numbers needed to avert total collapse and genocide.

(One more point: Whenever Whites start to face rapid decline, they never, ever, blame the true source of their woes, they are extremely unlikely to attack the centers of power; they tend to focus their aggression on scapegoats like Black people, immigrants, the moral decline of ‘Murica (as if America every had a morality in the first place); and shit like that. So don’t for once imagine that we will have an ally in the White majority in our struggle for justice, they are more likely to join with their oppressors against us long before they realized that the White elite are their true enemy. If you think I’m being racist then you must think documented history and reality are racist too.)

Note to Liberal Whites, and those offended by Racially Honest Statements: I’m not asserting that there are no Good Whites, just that the Good Whites have yet to be strong or numerous enough to stop the atrocities of the Bad Whites. If you have an example, I’m willing to research it; or better yet, prove me wrong by setting a new example, revoke the charter of one mega corporation, stop one drone bombing, save one nation from imperil invasion from the US.