Have you ever heard of race realism or HBD;human biodiversity? What are your thoughts on this from a Pan African perspective? Do you agree that race is biologically real and that behaviors and entire cultures are based on genetics or belong to a defined race?

Yes I’m familiar with HBD, it’s Racist bullshit, it more pseudoscience, which White Racist have been engaged in for centuries.  Whites have been trying to excuse the world-wide ongoing atrocities.  They are trying to excuse the fact that a small, hyper aggressive Racial minority from Western Europe has committed genocide on very single populated landmass on this planet and that they have polluted and degraded every single ecosystem in the world.  

These HBD muthafuckas just like Whites obsessed with (genetics based) IQ, Social Darwinist, Race Purity, and Eugenics pretend that Whites have done all of this cuz they are superior beings, and that other Races would have done the same if we had the intellectual capacity to do so, but we don’t, so we can’t.  

The reality is, every science Racist pseudoscience that seeks to excuse Whites atrocities, justify their hold on stolen land and resources, and elevate Whites above and beyond the rest of humanity has been disproven, but they just invent a new pseudoscience and invent new Racist Myths about themselves and their non-White victims.  

Disproving Racist pseudoscience is a waste of time, just as debating or trying to prove your humanity to Racist, cuz they are not interested in truth, facts, or even science, their Skin is both a tomb and a shrine for them; they are indoctrinated into the Cult of Whiteness and often will only be freed after death.  
Our job is to shelter ourselves from Racist, to reduce and eliminate our vulnerability to Racist, not to awaken, or even educate them.  

Race, is simply a classification of phenotype, phenotype are a product of the interaction of genes and the environment; that’s all.  Racist muthafuckas came along and added values and divided humanity along phenotypical lines.  Race is real, and we have to deal with Racial Classifications cuz in a world dominated by psychopathic Racist your Race, your physical, phyenotypical characteristics will determine how you live and die in this world.

We have a lot of Liberals from all Races who try to pretend that they can transcend Race, be blind to Race, or be Post-Racial; but that’s bullshit.  Neither Humanity, nor Individuals can “move beyond Race,” until the Systems, Institutions, and Practices rooted in Racism, White Domination, and Colonialism have been fully dismantled and those who’ve been historically and currently victimized by Racism are make made whole and reparated.  

People who seek to move beyond Race without bring about the dismantling of Global White Domination and Reparations for its victims are as culpable in White Aggression and Oppression as the open Racist and White Aggressors. 

So, Race is real, we can see that there are a wide range of facial features, hair textures, skin tones, and body habitus within humanity, those features and such can often be tied to lands and cultures.  Various Races process nutrients, sunlight, and even pathogens differently.  Races have created wide ranging cultures and methods for processing and communicating data and understandings.  That’s all real, and should be appreciated.  Race is real and relevant.

 What ain’t real is the classifications and values that set one Race above another based on their features, textures, tones, and habitus.  

As far as White Hyper Aggression, Western social scientist and anthropologist have argued that it is an interplay of both biological and environmental evolutionary conditions.  The simplest break down of this particular phenomenon are the ‘Iceman’s Inheritance,’ and ‘Yurugu.’  But there are many text and analysis addressing this issue, from both White and non-White scholars.

Honestly, I’m more interested in countering White Aggression than I am in finding its particular origins, but I do appreciate and read those who do that work.