Who’s to Blame for Trump: Obama Is.

Trump is Obama’s legacy, if you wanna blame anyone blame Obama.

Obama was elected with a mandate, and we also gave him a Democratic majority in the house and senate. Obama also entered office with millions of mobilized, inspired, and loyal supporters who were ready to receive their instructions and carry them out without questioning.

Instead of mobilizing his vast and enthusiastic support base he gave them a limp handshake and sent them home.

Obama also systematically destroyed the largest social justice movement to emerge in the US since the 1960s, which was the Occupy Movement, he carried out a nationwide de-legitimization campaign and coordinated the destruction of all of the Occupy Encampments across the nation. Obama literally employed COINTELPRO tactics against the Occupy Movement.

Obama also failed to rally behind the Black Lives Matter Movement (except when he tried to co-opt the movement for his own ends), the Fight for 15, the many labor union struggles that occurred during his tenure in office, or women’s struggle against Rape Culture and Sexism; the only movement he openly and aggressively endorsed was the Gay White Movement (which primarily benefited White, middle-class LGBTQs, while leaving Black and poor LGBTQs in the dust).

On the flip side of all of that Obama, though his unwillingness to call out the GOP’s open racism against him and his family, his failure to tie their unprecedented obstructionism to racism and White Aggression emboldened Racist across the nation.

Obama didn’t deploy the might of the Federal Government, especially the FBI and the Justice Department against local and state governments that were openly violation the rights of Black citizens and harboring homicidal cops and enforcing openly bias policies.

Presidents in the past have been willing to use the JD, FBI, and even the National Guard and Federal Troops to defend the Constitutional rights of Black citizens when their local and state governments were openly violating the rights of their citizens; just look at president Kennedy or LBJ. So there is precedence for a POTUS to act on behalf of Black people, to use their position and power to speak directly to the interest of Black people in times of crisis. So you idiots who kept talking that “Obama ain’t just the president of Black people BS,” are also directly responsible for Trump too.

So, the subversion of progressive movements, failure to rally behind Black people under crisis, and allowing Racist officials and citizens to act with virtual impunity, thus emboldening them, all of this lead to Trumps rise to power. Racist got organized, armed, and empowered under Obama, without any obstruction or even exposure from the Executive Branch of the Government. Hell, even Bill Clinton did a better job of keeping the White Separatist, Militias, and White Nationalist in check. SMH, fucking shame.

There are other factors at play, but the other issues rest at Obama’s doorstep as well.

Obama rolled out the red carpet for Trump, as he was trying to impose Heelary on us, and he knows this, I really think he understands this.