What happened to Kanye West?

Nothing, KW been KW since day one.  It’s just that he was one of the first artist to go fully mainstream that was not fully degenerate, inarticulate, anti-social, and overtly self hating and self destructive; so we though he was a conscious MC, we thought he was a giant when he was simply an average sized man among midgets.

Since the 90s conscious MCs have been relegated to the “underground” and the Bad Boys, the Death-Row inmates, the Roca-Fellas, the Durrdy Durrdys, the Hot Boys, the No Limit Soldiers, etc, etc, etc; have ruled the Billboards, they were made the face of Hip-Hop for White consumers and way too many Black consumers. 

So, when KW first dropped and we though it would be a rebirth of what we had (of what we still got, but we don’t support enough); but that was on us, KW never promised us shit. 

Negros heard “Jesus Walks” and thought they were listening to come deep, conscious edutainment, when it was just some ole backwater Negro shit.

I was just listening to Sex & Violence by Boogie Down Productions last night on the way home, and you just compare that to KW, and you’ll see the difference between a conscious MC and a Pop Star Rapper. 

Also, we really need to start to recognize the difference between an MC and a Pop Star who happens to rap; there’s a big fucking difference.

When an artist goes Pop, when they sell millions and earn millions more, you have to know that they become a Brand, a product.  You are not seeing a real person, you are looking at a commodity.  They have handlers, managers, PR, and publicist.  They have a team of professionals (often White or Jewish) who dictate their every move, who tell them were to stand, what to wear, what to endorse, what to ignore. 

Dr. Claud Anderson encountered this when he approached Black Athletes and Entertainers for money to fund his Powernomics agendas.  He stated that they these wealthy and influential Blacks didn’t control the causes they supported, that they were forced to stay away from any cause that was “too Black” by their handlers.

I wish we gave our attention and money to independent and conscious artist instead of hoping and praying that these Pop Stars wake up and do right by the culture and the community. 

Nothing happened to KW, something happened to us, we finally took the wool off of our eyes and saw that dude for who he always was.

Not that there’s no hope for him, people have been known to wake the fuck up and get with the Struggle, just as people have been know to sell-out and betray the Struggle. 

But as for right now, he’s just another controlled and packaged Pop Start generating profit for the Global, Capitalist, White Media and Propaganda Apparatus.  And this industry will treat him like any other (human) resources, exploit him to depletion and toss him aside, just like they did MJ and Whitney, and many others.