Is there anyone you would compare to Dr. Amos Wilson in regards to his ideology and strategies or would you consider him a one of one type of scholar? Are there things that you don’t agree with in regards to his ideas?

Individuals that I would put on par with Dr. Amos Wilson are:

1. Dr. Marimba Ani (who’s still with us, so we should support her efforts and scholarships, stop waiting for our great minds to transitions before we give them their due acknowledgement and support).

2. Del Jones, the War Correspondent.

3. Professor William Mackey.

4. Professor Bayyinah Bellow (who’s still with us).

5. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop.

6. Franz Fanon

7. Dr. John Henrik Clarke

8. Hubert Harrison

9. Amy Jacques Garvey

10. Marcus Garvey

Bonus: Khalid Muhammad & Carlos Cooks.

This list is in no particular order, also there are many more brilliant African minds than I’ve listed here, I just like to limit my list between 5-10 to keep them digestible.  

I’ve read all of Dr. Wilson’s books and seen dozens of his lectures, I’ve organized and attend study groups around his writings and ideas; and it almost bothers me how I can’t find any issues with his analysis, assertions, and teachings.  

If I was forced to dig up and almost irrelevant disagreement or criticism with Dr. Amos Wilson, it would be that he didn’t go strong enough against Capitalism, and Capitalism Development of Africa and the African Diaspora, also he’s lacking in advocating for ecology, and holistic health; which are essential components in Black liberation.  

I know that’s some nitpicking shit for many reasons, but my Brother (and co-host of our radio show) #BlackStarTheUnderGroundKing calls me the “Black Power Grinch,” cuz I can always find issue with something or someone. LOL! SMH. So don’t challenge me to find issue or disagreement, cuz I will, even with our greatest minds.