On Black Christian Forgiveness.

In the 90s there was a rash of Black Church burnings across the Midwest.  They burned one right up the block from me in Kansas City.

Dick Gregory made the comment; “they can burn all the (Black) Churches they want, but they bet not touch them cars in the parking lot.”  

That comment is very telling about the ‪#‎NewNegro‬ mentality.  

Now there are reports that the family members of those killed in the ‪#‎AME‬
Massacre are expressing their forgiveness of Roof.  I wonder; what if
Roof had shot up the cars in the parking lot, or stole their weaves and
Jordans out of their homes, what if Roof was a deranged Black youth?  

I never hear this rush to forgive extended to Blacks who demonstrate
homicidal or anti-social behavior, or when there is damage or theft of
material possessions, or when the victims are White.  

Tell me
when you heard a fucking Black Christian publicly forgive Osama Bin
Laden, or Hitler, or the crackhead that broke in their house, or any of
the gang-bangers running through the Hoods across America.