Another Quick Lesson in Propaganda.

Notice how this video says nothing about the exploitative economy that allow so many people to live in abject poverty in lands rich with resources. They don’t mention that Jamaica has been systematically exploited and driven into economic turmoil by the large Western Powers. Life and Debt is a movie that will lay some of this history out.

These poverty pimps are simply using the plight of the ‘Street Boys of Jamaica’ to push their two fold agenda. Which is to further identify all Black people with the pseudo-pandemic of HIV, and to generate more “AIDS research” funding which will ultimately go to enrich the pharmaceutical industry and the parasitic foundations that pimps the public’s fear and ignorance about HIV.

Notice how there is no statical data, not epidemiological scientist interviewed, no info about mortality or even infection rates in the video, just some homeless children, and two social service workers sharing their stories. The sad story is supposed to move you from thinking into the realm of emotion, when your are in the realm of emotion the facts become irrelevant and they can lead you to where ever they want you to go.

In many areas of the so-called 3rd World they don’t even bother to test Black people for HIV, they simply check off a list of symptoms and make the determination of their status without every running any test. If you’ve had a persistent cough, a low-grade fever for more tan 5 days, unexplained weight loss, a rash, or any number of, or combination of minor health issues they will label you HIV+ in many Black nations.

But ask yourself, if you lived on the streets, had inconsistent access to bathroom and shower facilities, ate a poor and inadequate diet of processed and often rotting food, if you have no access to healthcare, and no access to clean and pure water; what minor symptoms might you develop? Wouldn’t your immune system already be stressed to the maximum. You fuse that with a racist and profit driven health care systems and there you will find the real root to this perception that HIV is a Black disease ravaging Black nations all over the globe. (You also have to ignore that fact that none of the death toll predictions that were pushed in the 90s ever came true, and most of these “HIV ravaged nations have higher population growth rates than all Western nations, including America.)

Some of you may be so thoroughly indoctrinated that you accepted the propaganda that 3rd Worlders are little more than primitive disease vectors, and/or so sexually deviant that it is inevitable that sexually transmitted diseases are going to ravage entire populations.

You people should study the work of the Nazi Propagandist Dr. Joseph Goebbels, he also saw the benefit of painting the Jews, the Roma, and other Slavic people of Eastern Europe as sexually deviant, disease vectors. He told the people of the Aryan nation that these diseased people were not only unhealthy, but they were a threat to the health and well-being of the good German people and to Western Civilization itself.

The Genocidal Western Powers have always painted their enemies as sub-human, diseased, deviants; Freud Sigmund called this behavior Psychological projection.

So I encourage you to learn to identify this type of propaganda and inform your friends and family about it.

Looking into the work of Keidi Awadu and Gary Null for an alternative, and more accurate view of the so-called AIDS Epidemic.

The war for the minds and liberation of African people is being waged in the media, we need to strengthen our defenses and expand our arsenal.