Violence Is Not Our Problem…

Non-Violence of the Oppressed does not end Violence, it allows the
Oppressors to institutionalize, formalize, and moralize their Violence;
it causes the Oppressed to internalize their Violence.  

is a byproduct of mistreatment and denial of basic resources, it always
brings violence, not matter the Race, Culture, or Mentality of those
being mistreated and denied resources.  

So, under Oppression you can only determine how violence will be expressed; it will be expressed outwardly or internally.  It will be directed towards the sources of Oppression, or at one’s one reflection.

Every single individual in the Black community who’s professing that
they want to “stop the violence,” yet they are lacking a systemic
analysis, and a plan for targeting and dismantling the Systems and
Institutions of Oppression; every single one of them is an agent of the
enemy.  Peace under oppression is called Pacification and Subjugation,
if they telling our people to stop the violence without sparking the
Revolution they are serving our oppressors interest and goals.  

Violence is not our problem, our problem is that we don’t control the
fundamental resources needed for our survival and development, we have
not constructed the institutions we need for self governance and
collective defense, and we’ve yet to commit to a multi-generational
agenda to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of our Oppressors.  
That’s the problem, everything else is a symptom.

So when the New
Negros and Black Liberals come to the Hood and tell us they want peace,
tell them; “no, what you are seeking is pacification of an oppressed
population.”  I’m not even telling them than they can’t pursue their
Liberal aims I just wish they would use the correct Nomenclature.

‪#‎StopTheViolence‬ ‪#‎StartTheRevolution‬