Even if we successfully dismantle White Global Domination and all africans worldwide including the motherland africa is fully liberated is there threat that europeans could seek to dominate the world once again ?

No, not possible because the resources that the West used to build its empires on no longer exists.  They burned and ate everything up.

The Europeans exited Europe looking for something to eat because of their gross mismanagement and disrespect for the biodiversity and ecosystems of Europe. 

They stumbled upon a world that was not only full of people and cultures but also boundless biodiversity and vibrant ecosystems; they called the cultures “primitive,” the people “savages/slaves,” and labeled the biodiversity as “resources,” and the sought to “manage and dominate” the ecosystems.

That can’t happen again because we are reaching Peak Resources, the fuels and ecosystems that feed the Global Empires are drying up and dying. All of the worlds ecosystems are in rapid states of decline and the very climate that we depend on (for life, air, food production, and stability) has been irreversibly disrupted.

There are no more Virgin Lands to pillage, no more Natives to invade, enslave, and exterminate, and barley any shit left to burn!

That’s why the remaining Global Empire, and Regional powers are all kicking the shit out of each other to clime what little is left.

The renewable and non-carbon energy sources are not compatible with Capitalism and Western Global Domination; these are not technologies that can be fenced off and sold to the highest bidder like oil and coal.  The world’s economies could have  gone carbon free a century ago, we had electric cares, wind and wave energy, and most other Green shit 100 years ago, but they were all suppressed because Capitalism and White Domination would have died if energy and economics were democratized. 

So, that’s about it.  The BRIC nations are making a foolish attempt to replace or equal the Western Empires, but it’s just not possible.

China is foolishly destroying its own biodiversity while embarking on a “Scramble for Africa” like the Whites they seek to imitate, but it’s too late; and their African Adventures will not end well for their nation. 

Russian has seemed to learn from it’s mistakes, but it’s still being provoked by the West and is forced to respond.

India and Brazil are were China was a few decades ago, enslaving and subduing their own populations and using their citizens and ecosystems as a foundation for Capitalist economic expansion; which is suicidal for them. 

We are not only approaching the end of all Global and Large Regional Empires, we are approaching the end of Western and even Technological Civilization; hell we are quite possibly on the cusp of human extinction if we fail to expedite the inevitable fall of Capitalism and Western Domination of the world.

Once we bring this shit down, the least of our worries will be its reemergence, the real challenge after its fall will be healing the world’s ecosystems, restoring biodiversity, and purging the pathological mindsets birth by of centuries of Western Domination and Indoctrination.