We Are At War…

It seems Africans are the only population on the planet who believe they can win/avoid a war by….

1. Enlisting into the ranks of their enemies.
2. Refusing to admit that we are at war.
3. Blaming our causalities on ourselves instead of the enemy.
4. Praying to the same God to save us that our enemy is pray to for help to kill us.
5. Surrendering all of our weapons, and refusing to train for combat.
6. Appealing to the mercy and morality of an enemy who’s never shown mercy or morality.
7. Trying to bribe our enemy with their own currency.
8. Demonstrating that we hate ourselves more than our enemy, and rejecting what we think the enemy hates about us.
9. Following incompetent generals, and leaders who are trained by and financed by the enemy.

We are at war, economic, military, educational, cultural, ecological, ideological, and in all other forms. We are losing on all fronts, mainly because we refuse to employ proven tactics and strategies of war. We refuse to employ those tactics and strategies because we refuse to admit that we are at war, or that war is being waged against us.

We must work to reverse all of this. We have to break the pathological denial that grips African people, and awake to the challenges that stand before us.