Positive Aspects of My Negativity by Bro. Diallo

People who say I’m all about “Negativity;” yall couldn’t be more off base.
I will admit, most of my Social Media content is rather unpleasant, across all platforms, but that’s only because I feel obligated to bring attention to injustices, I seek to promote critical analysis, and bring things that the society seeks to suppress to the forefront.
I also feel obligated to slaughter Sacred Cows and to deflate the tires on bandwagons; cuz such doing so makes us less vulnerable to mass manipulation and exploitation. I’m performing a fucking Public Service, I’m not being Negative!
But beyond that, I’m a happy dude, I enjoy life; and real talk, I don’t mind sharing that aspect of my life, if yall really need to see thaqt side of me.
But yall Positivity Junkies should be careful what yall wish for.
The shit I enjoy and the lighter side of my thoughts might be more depressing then my going on about Ecocide, Racism, Irrationality, and Atrocities. Seriously.
Yall want me to share all the Organic seeds I’ve collected across the nation over the winter, I’m giddy about that shit, I’ll be planting my organic greens next week; that’s some positive shit to me, but do you really care?
How about me acting goofy with my sons, teasing them about how they always losing to me in our favorite RPG? Yall really wanna see or hear about that?
Yall wanna see images of the Burly bike trailer I rigged up to scavenge for fire wood in the Hood! I’m immensely proud of that, and so love doing that shit, that’s hella positive to me, but it might depress you how seeing how much I enjoy that shit.
What about long reflective walks in the park with my old ass, way past his life expediency pitbull name Kongo? Yall wanna hear my musings and reflections that I have when I do that shit?
There’s so much more depressing Positivity if yall want it.
I actually think I’m doing a service to the community by keeping my Joy, my Positive and Fulfilling things to my damn self.
So please stop saying I’m Negative, or imagining that I’m some Angry, Unbalanced Militant, cuz I ain’t I have the appropriate level of hate in my heart to sustain me in the struggle, and the right amount of joy to rejuvenate and inspire me to continue the struggle.
So fuck off Positivity Junkies!….wait, wait, allow me to restate that:  You who are concerned with my supposed “Negativity,” or my Emissions of Negative Vibes into the Universe, don’t burn any sage for me, I’m OK over here. I promiese you. (Yeah, that’s better)