Some Clarifications About My Anti-Feminism…

I need to offer some clarifications.  There are some cats out here
who mistakenly think we are on common ground on the issue of Feminism;
and that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

I am an Anti-Feminist, but I’m not a Black Puritain, an AfroSexist, a Mommy-Issues-Militant, a Daddy-Issues-Intellectual, a RBGangsta, a Meninist or an Anti-Womanist.

These men (and the women who love them) promote the idea that Feminism
harms men, and that Feminist and Black women are responsible for the
disruption of the Black Family.  None of this shit is true.

of the problems that afflict Black men predate the Feminist Movement,
and it predates the Black Feminist, and Black women are not to blame for
any of the issues that afflict Black men, or the larger Black
community.  Black women and men share the same oppression, the same
traumas, the same dysfunctions, the same struggle, and we will share the
same fate, if we fail or succeed we will do so together, if one loses
so does the other.  

Feminism and the Feminist movement
has harmed Black women, and that’s why I oppose it, the Feminist
Movement has extracted much from Black women while giving them little to
nothing in return. That’s why I oppose Feminism, not  because I have
some delusions about Black Women harming me, my manhood, or the Black

I know a lot of cats heads are spinning, because they
don’t understand what I’m saying.  They can’t imagine someone opposing
something that dosen’t harm men, because to them, men are all that
matters; they imagine what’s good for men is good for all of us, and
what hurts men hurts all of us; so if you take care of men, everything
else will fall into place.  That’s the truth, to them.  

So they
don’t understand how I can assert that; Feminism does not harm men, but I
oppose Feminism.  LoL! SMH.  I know I’ve just exploited a few heads in
the Social Mediavers; but I don’t know how else to put it.

know that the Feminist Movement is a branch on the tree of Global white
Domination, but it’s a relatively new one, and Women in general, and
Black women in particular do not have the power in this society; the few
women who hold positions, are just like Obama and the other Black men
who hold positions of power; they are executives, they are managers,
they execute the agenda that is given to them, they carry out orders
that come from above, they don’t create policy, they don’t print
currency, they don’t manufacture weapons, they don’t control the global
media apparatus.  

I’m sorry to tell you cats out here attacking
Black women; she ain’t your enemy, it’s still the muthafuckas that put
us on the boats, and their direct descendants, Black women didn’t put us
on the boat, hell White women were not even allowed to participate in
the carnage (they wanted to, that’s why they created Feminism in the
first place, but they were not allowed to back then); it’s the White
man, the Arab man, the Asian man that you must confront and fight for
your liberation, not the fucking Black women, you idiots.

We know that Gloria Steinem got her marching orders from the White men of the “liberal, progressive” CIA!  So her agendas were not even her own!

But I digress.

If a Black man opposes Feminism because it’s “destroying the Black
Family,” or because “it’s destroying Black Manhood,” this man is most
likely a Sexist.

If a Black man opposes Feminism because it takes
the time, energy, and talents of Black women, and offers them
Integration into an Omnicial System, or it uses their legitimate pain
and anger to legitimize a Movement that only serves the interest of
White women, then…., then that guy could also possibly be a Sexist,
but at least his analysis of Feminism is more on point.  LoL!

Brothas, stop jumping on my feeds talking that “bitches ain’t shit” BS,
or crying about the Black women destroying the Black Family, cuz it
ain’t true.

Yall the type of cats that get bullied outside then go home and pick a fight with your Sister.  I ain’t with that.

I know there is deep dysfunction in the Black community and in Black
relationships, it’s related to our Trauma; just look up the effects and
symptoms of Psychological trauma, Emotional trauma, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and you will see a breakdown of Black communities across the globe.  
All that trauma was inflicted before any Black woman had ever heard the
word Feminism.

Finally, I know this System used policies that are
supposed to be pro-Feminist and to “help women” to attack and harm men,
but again, it’s not Black women doing that, also, Pro-Sports, Fly Cars
and other consumables aimed at men, Porn, Fired Foods, and all kinds of
other shit men like do us harm, more harm than Feminism, but I don’t
hear yall condemning that shit.  

So, lets oppose Feminism
without denying Gender Based Oppression, acknowledge the fact that Black
women have as many valid complaints against us as we could muster
against them, and realize that we ain’t each others enemy.

Support Black Women, Oppose Feminism.